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4 Telesales Tips to Become Successful In 2018

Telesales is still a great medium to sell a product and to create awareness about the brand. The success of telesales is completely dependent upon the team which is pitching the product to the prospects. The professionally trained team not only increases the conversion rate but also decreasing the cost per sale.

If your team is new to this industry, make sure you take them through the following telesales tips to be successful without getting anxious.

1. Correct mindset

Having a right mindset in telesales industry is a fundamental law the team must know. Mindset is the reason some people become super successful and others become unsuccessful. So, what comprises a right mindset? Basically, they must understand the law of averages. If they understood this, nobody can stop them to become successful. For example, if one employee made 30 calls, out of which 5 were interested in the product and 1 purchased the product right away. This gives you a ratio of 30:5:1. If he wants to make one more sale, his focus should be on making next 30 calls. Gradually with experience, his ratio start improving and thus your sales.

2. Know your product

Knowledge is the king in telesales industry. Focus on training your employees as much as you can about the product they are pitching. Complete product knowledge gives them a whole new level of confidence. Many people who work in this industry quit because they can’t handle questions which the prospects are looking for. Product knowledge gives them the power to face any question including criticism with a charm.

3. Be natural

Many people just want to sell a product and hence try to become someone else. This strategy may give you some instant success, but in the long run, it won’t work. They say – ‘be yourself in every aspect of life’. Train them to talk slow and don’t try to flaunt some different accent over the call. The consumer is smart these days and it’s better, to be honest with themselves.

4. Build relationship

To make quick sales, people usually forget to build a relationship with the prospect. So, for a telesales person what does building relationship mean? Simple, greet genuinely, instead of explaining what product is, explain what problem can be solved by using it, ask open ended questions, listen more and don’t assume or judge anything.

Use these tips to inject that much needed impetus to take your telesales to the next case. But in case you are still falling short of your expectations, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are one of the premium outsourced telesales services providers with more than 13 years of experience in the industry. Leveraging this experience, we can mold a customized telesales strategy that could increase conversations by more than 30%.

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