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4 Technologies That Can Help Boost Your Cold Calling Business

As per a research, out of 14.5 million call centers across the globe, around 90% are using on premise technologies. But, surprisingly most of them are contemplaFor years marketers and sales staff have been using cold calling as a way to drive sales. However as customer become harder to reach and increasingly demanding, the old ways of trying to connect with customers is no longer a viable option. This is the reason why experts are advising contact centers to warm up the old ways of calling a random person on the list with state-of-the-art tools and technologies such as integrated CRM, predictive dialers, local presence dialing and so on. This way, businesses can take a much more proactive, targeted and personalized approach towards engaging with clients, so that when it comes to the call, it is not as ‘cold’ as before.

Take a look at some of these tools and technologies in detail

CRM Integration

Integration of a CRM or database management solution with your contact center software helps you in two ways. One is it assist your agents by providing valuable insights regarding each prospect during an interaction; while the other is it allows you sync any collected information back to the CRM, allowing you to deliver more personalized and meaningful dialog in the future.

Predictive Dialers

Don’t waste the time and energy of your agents by making them bear the brunt of dead-end numbers. Arm them with advanced predictive dialers, which make sure that only the calls that are picked up by the customer goes through to the agents. This way you will be able to witness 15% increase in customer engagement, which leads to more sales and lower operating costs—not to mention, saves your team the headache of constant dialing with no results.

Local Presence Dialing

Did you know that the pickup rate of cold calls is a meager 7%? However you can bring this percentage up to 27.5% by using a dialing number that hosts a local area code. Hence adapt local presence dialing technology and change your agent’s area code based on whomever they’re calling.

The Bottom-line

Yes, customers have become harder to reach and increasingly demanding, but with the aid of advanced tools and technologies, cold calling can still remain a viable sales prospecting tool. Hence adapt these technologies and give a much needed boost to your cold calling business. In case you need any other assistance with regards to cold calling don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a leading outsourced cold calling service provider in the industry with extensive experience in helping companies of all sizes and across geography connect with your customers in the most productive way.

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