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Appointment Setting Services in India

ExpertCallers has wide experience in delivering customized offshore appointment setting services to businesses of all sizes. Learning from our experience, we have built an advanced and proven outsourcing appointment setting process to help our clients find new prospects in the shortest possible time. We understand your company’s reputation is put to test every time an agent makes a call to represent your company.

Connecting with the relevant prospective customer helps you build the right connections to close an important sales deal. As a leading appointment setting company, Expert Callers works with your team allowing them to focus on conversions and sales.

We entrust this task to experienced and dynamic experts who have the know-how to deliver messages professionally to your audience. We arm them with a robust database, a well-filtered contact list, and a crisp script to make sure they make the right impression in the first few seconds of interaction.

Whether you are a budding start-up or an established conglomerate - or whether you offer simple products to the masses or sell composite solutions to a select group of companies - you can always bank on us to deliver appointment setter services that are designed to make a winning first impression.

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As an Expert Call Center Company, We Offer a Diverse Range of Outsourced Appointment Setting Services

We are counted among the leading appointment setting companies, who deliver quality outbound call center appointment setting services. If you are looking to hire appointment setters with the right industry expertise, then look no further than the providers of the best appointment setting services - ExpertCallers. For over a decade, we have showcased proficiency in designing and presenting highly engaging pre-qualifying sales process in the most streamlined fashion.

Industries We Serve

ExpertCallers has extensive experience in providing proficient call center services to a wide variety to industries including:

Here’s How Companies Have Benefitted by Outsourcing Appointment Setting Services to Us

Appointment Setting Agents
of Qualified Appointments Setting
Conversion on Qualified Lead List

Our Call Centers are Spread Across Five Countries

We let you pick one or multiple delivery centers according to your preference and requirement.

ExpertCallers global delivery centers (India, Philippines, Bolivia, Colombia & Argentina)

Why Outsource Appointment Scheduling Services to ExpertCallers?

Here are some of the benefits that you will gain when you outsource appointment setting services to us:
  • Well-defined process driven by dedicated resources
  • Strict quality control process to ensure qualified leads
  • Complete operational transparency
  • Trained and experienced agents
  • Timely communication with your sales team
  • Comprehensive business prospect research
  • Advanced reporting
  • Cost reduction by 40%
  • When you outsource appointment setting services to ExpertCallers, you will partner with a company that is extremely skilled in bringing you closer to concluding a sale by using a host of streamlined practices.

We are Different; Here's Why

How Can Outsourced Appointment Setting by Expert Callers Benefit Your Business?

As an entrepreneur, you realize that business growth and expansion is no easy task. It requires 100% commitment w.r.t. your time and efforts, collaborations with multiple clients, the right set of resources, and various other parameters running in parallel to each other.

At such an instance, relying on a professional appointment setting service agency like Expert Callers can give you an edge. We are one of the best appointment setting services in India. Outsourcing appointment setting services to outbound call centers is significantly more cost-effective than hiring appointment setters in-house. We can help you achieve greater productivity and conversions by understanding the exact client requirements and pitch for the right service/product in the most professional manner.

We set the stage for you to deliver in the initial sales pitch of your product/service in front of your clients. Our experts are well-trained and know how to engage with prospective leads (in the initial steps of the sales cycle), help them understand their requirements, and provide the relevant product information highlighting the core features, its usability, and pricing.

Our experts understand the importance of good communication and have excellent convincing skills to help companies like yours to seamlessly collaborate with clients. Outsourced appointment setting services by Expert Callers can save time and resources of your sales staff allowing you to utilize the same time slot in handling other business tasks like cold calling, project handling, and other business operations.

The 4 common benefits which your business can obtain by relying on appointment setting services are:

You must have heard the proverb – “Time is Money”. This holds especially in the world of business where every second counts. So, by relying on outsourced appointment settings for your business, you can save a lot of time and utilize it on strengthening your other business operations.

The one thing dreaded by every business owner is the drop in sales due to miscommunication OR too much of marketing especially to the wrong audience thereby impacting the overall revenue of the organization. However, by including an experienced appointment setter within your operation cycle, you ensure that there are no sales drops, and your marketing is targeted at the right audience which in turn gives a considerable boost to your overall revenue.

It’s important for you as a business owner to ensure that the transition process of all your qualified leads into a “hand-off” phase should be smooth and effortless without the need of undergoing the process through spreadsheets, retyping data or process delays.

The right outsourced appointment setting services can help you with brand marketing and create awareness amongst your target audience. When an experienced appointment setter connects with your target group, they ensure that the audience gets the right impression of your business. To achieve the same, they mention your organization’s name quite often especially when they get in touch with the people. Word-of-mouth publicity further makes it beneficial especially if another person had a positive and interesting experience.

It’s important for you as a business owner to ensure that the transition process of all your qualified leads into a “hand-off” phase should be smooth and effortless without the need of undergoing the process through spreadsheets, retyping data or process delays.

You must also ensure that whatever software/tool/CRM/ERP system you plan to implement in your business operations, it must be user-friendly for your sales team. It should seamlessly integrate and import all information within the existing tools ensuring no lead is dropped once it enters the qualified stage.

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling Process

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling Process That Has Helped Us Capture the Market

We will begin with a blueprint meeting, wherein your inhouse team will play a key role in getting us up to pace and finally get started. This is followed by an implementation phase wherein the blueprint is put through the paces. Finally, a campaign review will be done to check whether the campaign is up to mark, meeting your objectives and expectations.

Here is a complete overview of the process that we follow:

Who are involved: You and ExpertCallers’ account team

When will it happen: Within five days after signing the agreement

Why it is needed: To ensure that we are fully informed and up-to-date to meet your business expectations

To-do list: Complete the detailing of value proposition, target audience and logistics of your sales team to clear the road for kicking-off appointment scheduling campaign

Who are involved: You and ExperCallers’ account team

When will it happen: Within a week after the first phase is completed

Why it is needed: Implement whatever was agreed upon in the blueprint phase and run a lead generation campaign

To-do list: Create a dialing script, train agents, conduct role-playing calls, create a database of prospects, and finally start calling

Who are involved: You and ExpertCallers’ dedicated account manager

When will it happen: Every week after the appointment setting campaign is live

Why it is needed: To ensure that the campaign ticks all the boxes

To-do list: Monitor and analyze weekly activity reports of dials, connections, and appointments. Identify areas for continuous improvement.

Appointment Setters and their basic responsibilities

Who are Appointment Setters and what are their basic responsibilities?

Appointment setters are individuals who help your sales team by reaching out to prospective leads and scheduling appointments for them to connect with someone from your sales team. The primary objective of these appointment setters is to convince the leads to listen to your sales pitch and then later convert into clients to discuss the company’s products.

These appointment setters contact your organization’s sales leads to schedule sales meetings or product demos. In the first step, they connect via phone and then follow up with warm leads by checking if the lead is a perfect fit for the product and whether he/she has purchase authority or not.

Initially, you may have an extensive list of customer data running into several thousand pages. Analyzing this can be a tough task, especially for a new company that is still in the process of streamlining a dedicated workforce. We can help you with that. The team at Expert Callers will conduct surveys, take feedback from your customers and finally present everything in an accurately analyzed report that can help you make informed decisions.

Trying to hire appointment setters in-house and implementing outbound calling in-house can deplete your time and resources. Outsourcing these services to us will not only help you save costs but also will give you time to focus on what you’re passionate about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment setting is a type of service where call centers use a variety of techniques like cold calling and lead generation to identify and connect potential customers with the brand's sales team.

An appointment setter performs the tasks of reaching out to potential clients and scheduling a sales call. They don’t necessarily have to sell a product, but just pique the interest of the potential customer after which it is taken over by the sales professional.

In B2B appointment setting, appointments are set up between a business and a potential prospect. It starts with a call center executive pitching a deal on a particular service or product to a customer and convincing them. After this, qualified leads are forwarded to the business' sales team who will then take it forward and attempt to convert the lead into a sale.

Outsourcing appointment setting services ensure access to a well-defined process and dedicated resources, high-quality leads that are easier to convert, operational transparency, expert agents, advanced reporting & analytics and massive cost savings when compared to an in-house team.

Having a solid background research of the client beforehand, being professional in approach but friendly when needed, valuing client’s time and leveraging the potential of referrals are a few key aspects to keep in mind for a successful B2B appointment experience.

To be successful in a B2B appointment setting, you must keep in mind the following aspects:

  • Qualifying prospects: Double-check whether the individual/organization you’re reaching out is a good fit for your product or not.
  • Lowering the prospect’s guard: Leverage B2B appointment setting best practices like calling during off-hours, keeping the conversation short and clear and referring to them by their name in the conversation to pique their interest and pay attention.
  • Building rapport and interest with prospects: Focus on building a relationship with your prospects as it helps them understand you better and they are more open to hearing you out.

Partnering with ExpertCallers – one of the best appointments setting services in India, can benefit business owners in several ways:

  • Qualifying prospects: Double-check whether the individual/organization you’re reaching out is a good fit for your product or not.
  • Our services can help you seamlessly transition qualified leads into the “hand-off” phase without the need for spreadsheets, retyping data, or process delays coming in the way.
  • We help you with brand marketing, and in creating awareness amongst your targeted audience.
  • Relying on appointment setting companies like ExpertCallers allows you to create the right impression of your business in the eyes of the audience.