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Outsourcing is a practice where businesses collaborate with an outside company to get the services done. It is a great way for businesses to provide comprehensive support to valuable customers without having to allocate huge budgets or manpower.

The Benefits of Outsourcing:

  • Businesses can control capital costs and thereby invest elsewhere 
  • Businesses can increase efficiency because all the expenses incurred from research, development, marketing, and distribution can be covered in the outsourcing company’s cost structure

Businesses can avoid hiring and training new staff, especially for short-term projects

Businesses can start new projects quickly because the outsourcing companies have the manpower to implement them instantly

  • Businesses can cocoon themselves from the risks of changing government regulations, financial conditions, changing technology and so on

Listed below in detail are the 31 services that businesses should try outsourcing to save money.

Claim Processing Services:

Claims processing services by ExpertCallers

Claim processing is a confusing, frustrating, and a time-consuming activity. Customers are looking for hassle-free claim settlement solutions with short waiting times- such as a personal assistant who understands claims in detail and provides end-to-end guidance to them.

Businesses must identify this as a gap and therefore, outsource claim processing services. These service providers build operational efficiency, reduce costs, and provide optimum customer satisfaction at cost-effective prices. Their experts are well-versed at receiving claims, checking for eligibility, identifying duplicate claims, verifying provider details, claim settlement, claim presentment and so on. 

Another advantage of outsourcing claim processing is the fact that these customer service providers are experts in handling diverse type of claims as listed below:

  • General insurance 
  • Property insurance 
  • Healthcare insurance 
  • Liability insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Home insurance

There are more specific services that these claim processing services are capable of providing. Businesses must therefore realize that the quality of customer service determines claim processing efficiency and customer retention. 

Product Information Services:

Product Information Services for your business

The service involves helping customers understand a product/service in detail — specifications, price, and so on. This goal of this process is to ensure that the callers have a complete understanding of the product/service they are enquiring about by the end of the call. 

Companies must outsource their product information services to customer care providers because they follow a step-by-step process to approach the callers as listed below.

  • They first collaborate with businesses to thoroughly understand the product
  • Then, they develop familiarity with the product and gain experience and expertise in the same
  • Finally, they start taking calls from customers and help them understand the product comprehensively

This well-planned approach ensures that the calls are focused and goal-oriented. They ensure driving home the benefits of using a product rather than the product itself. Besides, they employ a call monitoring system to track the quality of every call. Therefore, the customer satisfaction level is greatly improved greatly and the brand image is boosted by the end of the call.

Listed below are the few of the many industries these service providers cater to:

  • Automotive
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Banking
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Consumer good and services
  • Capital markets
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Market research
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Retail & Ecommerce
  • Telecommunications

3. Order Taking Services:

Order Taking  service involves taking orders from customers, confirming the same, keeping the buyers informed about the progress of the order, and finally confirming once the order is delivered. Besides, the customer service providers intimate buyers in cases of delayed delivery, product unavailability, and so on. 

The method provides customer service agents a chance to cross-sell and up-sell a company’s next-in-line products/services to customers, and thereby promote and drive sales. 

When businesses outsource this service to the expert service providers, they carry out a wide variety of functions:

  • They provide comprehensive information about the product to callers which include specifications, price, policies, and so on
  • They ensure that the order number is entered into the CRM system, thereby ensuring quicker processing and delivery
  • They also provide services such as return handling, provide technical support, and so on
  • They are equipped to take orders through multiple channels such as telephone, e-mail, live chat, texts, web or mobile application, and so on

The customer service providers cater to a wide array of industries such as retail, online food delivery, online shopping, insurance, banking, cinemas, restaurants, NGOs and so on.

4. Virtual Receptionist Services:

Virtual Receptionist Services by Expert Callers

Virtual Receptionist is an intelligent IVR setup that diverts the customer calls to the appropriate department automatically. Besides, the virtual receptionist is equipped to provide solutions to the customer 24/7, without human intervention. Brands, by employing this service, can track and monitor customer calls to provide a superior customer experience, and thereby boost brand loyalty.

Businesses must collaborate with experts to outsource virtual receptionist service because they offer the services listed below:

  • Live call answering
  • Call routing
  • Outbound calling
  • Message taking
  • Order processing
  • Administrative tasks
  • Appointment reminders
  • Multi-conferencing
  • Multi-lingual support

Listed below are the benefits that further drive home the fact that businesses must outsource virtual receptionist services to experts:

  • They employ experienced and specialized virtual receptionists
  • They provide multilingual receptionist services
  • They deliver assured cost savings of up to 40% – 50%
  • They pick up about 90% of calls within 3 rings 
  • They have well-defined real-time reporting facilities
  • They implement comprehensive quality monitoring
  • They transfer live calls to the team in real-time

5. Medical Answering Services:

Medical answering services for your business growth

This type of service is employed to manage a caregiver’s customers such as scheduling appointments, clarifying doubts, and calling up doctors, thereby helping them handle large call volumes in an organized, hassle-free, and cost-effective manner.

By outsourcing this service to an experienced customer care team, they set up 24/7 emergency hotlines to provide help to those who need it the most. They filter every call based on the guidelines provided and relay information to the healthcare providers through emails, texts, and phone calls. Besides, they collect information from the patients and also respond to queries on insurance, billing, payment, or other important medical information. 

Outsourcing medical answering services can reduce costs for the healthcare providers. This is because the customer care providers offer customized calling plans, which lets businesses pay only for the call duration. 

To ensure services of the highest quality, the customer care representatives adhere to a pre-approved script, employ call quality monitoring tools and follow HIPAA compliance besides other protocols.

6. Phone Answering Services:

Customer service is a crucial factor for businesses to retain customers, add new customers, and importantly, drive the revenues exponentially. Phone calls is one of those ways to connect with the customers and offer sound customer service. 

Studies reveal, brands that pick up calls and offer solutions to customers after office hours tend to have a greater impact on customer satisfaction levels. In addition, brands that handle more than one call at a time prove to have an edge over their competitors. 

Today’s business world is fast-paced. So much that one call missed by a company could cost them a customer. The callers neither have time nor patience to wait in long queues. Therefore, brands must outsource their phone answering services to customer care providers. 

Their agents represent the company, make customers feel that they’re talking to the company’s employee, understand their problems, provide them solutions, divert calls to the right representative if needed, and most importantly, be available to answer a call 24/7. 

Besides offering 24/7 answering service, customer care agencies like ExpertCallers have a policy of answering calls within a specific number of rings — for instance, around 10 rings — to capture a potential client’s business before they move over to their competitors. 

Also, the customer care centers are adept at answering calls in popular languages other than English such as Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, and so on.

7. Up-selling and Cross-selling Services:

cross selling

One of the ways for brands to generate increased revenue is to utilize the up-scaling and cross-selling method. This involves choosing the right customers, waiting for the perfect time, and pitching a proposition at the right time. This approach ensures that the new products/services of companies get the much-needed promotion.  

Outsourcing up-selling and cross-selling services to an expert is vital for the growth of a business as they yield the following benefits:

  • They identify appropriate opportunities during a conversation to up-sell
  • They train the staff of businesses to ensure that the collaboration is smooth and seamless
  • They provide dynamic dashboards that display targets and achievements for individuals and teams throughout the day
  • They design reward schemes for both individuals and teams to drive conversion rate
  • They create a competitive environment to ensure that agents are keen to perform to their full potential

And what does this mean for your business?

  • Round the clock service
  • Highly experienced/bilingual personnel
  • Increased productivity/sales
  • Reduced operational expenses
  • Best-in-class technology and infrastructure

8. 800 Answering Services:

Toll free (800) answering services

Businesses can outsource their 800 answering service to experts to leverage their professionalism and cost-effectiveness. Besides, they offer toll free numbers, answered by professionals highly experienced in the art of dealing with callers representing the business. They can both answer on the company’s behalf or forward the call to a state-of-the-art messaging service as per needs.

Listed below are the types of 800 phone answering services provided by experts:

  • Round-the-clock live call answering
  • Call entry
  • Operator dispatch
  • Emergency dispatch
  • Enquiry handling
  • After-hours coverage
  • Toll-free answering
  • Order taking and fulfilment services
  • Reservation and schedule management
  • Overflow handling
  • Holiday and temporary support
  • Auto attendant and IVR
  • Voicemail and Call back systems
  • Event scheduling
  • Emergency response 

9. IVR Services:

IVR Outsourcing Services

An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a touchpoint for customers to interact with brands. The key here is to have an interactive voice menu that caters to specific customer needs and in the language of their choice. Besides, the IVR can be used to get access to database access, make call backs, facilitate scalability, and web integration. This is a highly cost-effective way to provide personalized customer satisfaction. 

Brands must outsource their IVR services to a seasoned expert because their systems are designed to significantly reduce the cost of common phone calls to and from their company. They have all the right tools necessary to make every customer interaction meaningful. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing IVR Services:

  • They preserve context across channels
  • They take a proactive outreach for notifications and reminders
  • They adapt to each caller’s experience level
  • They predict call intent based on recent transactions

10. Cold Calling Services:

Cold Calling Services by Expert Callers

It’s a form of telemarketing where a call service representative attempts to convince potential customers — with no previous interaction — to purchase a product or service. 

Companies must outsource their cold calling services to seasoned providers in the domain because they start by defining the company’s market, investigate the business, and conduct lead-gen campaigns to capture potential prospects. Further, they write compelling calling scripts to attract customers.

Moreover, they handle both B2B to B2C appointments with potential customers. This enables the sales representatives to meet only the prospective leads, pitch the product to the buyer, and increase the revenue of the company. 

11. Lead Generation Services:

Lead Generation services for better ROI

The service is employed to help businesses identify the right prospects, and thereby maximize lead generation. 

Brands must outsource lead generation services to experienced customer care providers because they use discretion and conviction to choose the right tactic for the right audience. By implementing a streamlined and systematic approach, the customer care centers provide comprehensive insights about a company’s targeted buyers, the right markets, offers to attract the right customers and so on. Therefore, by targeting only those segments of customers, brands can save time, money, and resources, and thereby increase the chances of conversions. 

The customer care service providers handle cold calling services for both B2B and B2C companies.

Listed below are the services offered to companies:

  • Multi-level marketing lead generation
  • Automated sales lead generation
  • Telemarketing sales lead generation
  • Email lead generation
  • Qualified sales lead generation
  • Technology sales lead generation
  • Call center lead generation 

The customer care providers employ account-based marketing, which involves customized plans for a specific business type and their target audience. They use data analytics, market research, and behavioural and intent mapping to generate highly qualified leads. This method ensures that the customer journey is smooth and non-intrusive, thereby increasing the chances of boosting the company’s bottom lines. 

They employ a two-step process to identify marketing qualification leads. The first step involves measuring their online engagement signalling intent. The second step includes asking highly targeted questions to prospects around the interest and intent to buy. By the end of the process, the highly relevant and sales-ready prospects are handed over to the sales team.

They use data solutions to target prospects according to job function, level, industry, and employee size, thereby ensuring to target the right audience.

12. Customer Satisfaction Surveys:

customer satisfaction survey for your business

This method is employed to help companies identify the areas of improvement, thereby ensuring customer retention and increasing their customer base. 

By outsourcing customer satisfaction surveys to the experts, businesses can leverage the wide array of services provided as mentioned below:

  • They learn about customers’ intent in a specific product/service
  • They measure the effectiveness of customer service and after-sales programs
  • They provide data about product-related satisfaction and overall satisfaction 

Besides, they also conduct surveys for employees to understand various aspects as listed below:

  • Working conditions
  • Recognition and rewards
  • Policies and procedures
  • Compensation/benefits
  • Career development
  • Overall satisfaction

The seasoned experts conduct customer satisfaction surveys in a step-by-step manner as illustrated below:

  • They have deep conversations with a company to understand their goals
  • Then, they create a survey to meet the brand’s aspirations
  • They conduct a survey by handing out questionnaires through various ways to ensure maximum feedback collection
  • Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), the customer care centers convert the data in various requisite formats
  • Finally, they analyse the data using state-of-the-art data mining and correlation techniques to interpret data, convert them into tables and graphs to help clients visualise the received data better

13. Customer Acquisition and Telesales Services: