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2018 is round the corner and businesses can expect to see continued investment is automation and self-service as they are now geared towards enabling customers to do direct transactions and interactions themselves. Needless to say, this kind of shift in customer service model has brought about a change in the way contact centers operate and this blog is dedicated to uncovering them-

Push Towards Self-service Will Reshape Call Center Performance Indicators

With the shift in customer interaction to self-service, the businesses now have to re-evaluate the contact center statistics to build more appropriate strategies. This is mainly because now there is far lass reliance on human intervention. However, at the same time, they would now need human resources for more specialized and carry out complex tasks.

Needless to say, conventional metrics like call handling time and one-call-resolution, are obsolete in the evolving business scenario. 2018 will see contact centers change the performance indicators to focus more on value-based services and strengthening customer loyalty with the business.

More Focus on Enhancing Customer Experience Throughout Multiple Channels

As automated self-service channels become more popular form of interaction, the management is reassessing the ways through which they can improve customer experience across these channels. They are specifically looking at experiences that require self-service and the ones that would need human intervention. This is the reason 2018 will see more companies dedicated towards building a customer base and segmenting them based on their individual personas. For instance, the millennials are accustomed to interacting in a visual manner due to extensive use of social media. At the same time, baby boomers still prefer to have personalized, face-to-face interactions. Regardless of which way the customer likes to be serviced, there will be an increased focus on optimizing these experiences for them.

Channels of Communication Will Be Integrated and Aligned

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than to go through multiple channels of communication and having to explain themselves over and over again. 2018 will witness a much tighter control over interaction and aligning these channels to make the interaction quicker and effortless for not just the customer, but also the agent. The agent on the call can get access to customer grievances and requirements on the spot via Real Time Speech Analytics (RTSA) technology that plays out conversation in the background for quick retrieval of information and help agents on the call.

The Bottom-line

In the coming future, it is safe to assume that the interactions handled by customer care representatives will be more multifaceted and bring more value. As a result, the contact center agents would have to be more technically sound and advanced in their interaction skills. This paradigm shift in customer interaction has urged the businesses to rethink their recruitment strategy and re-skill their resources to empower them with decision making abilities.