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Not long ago, quality of product or service delivered was seen as the most important contributing factor for winning customers.

But, things have changed…

In the present age where customers are spoilt for options, it seems that several other important factors work together to draw and retain customers. With this is mind, we have put together a list of statistics that will help you understand what is driving customer behavior.

  1. 55% of consumers are attracted towards contact centers that offer excellent customer service

    A mere promise of good customer experience will no longer be of any significance for your contact center business. What customers’ crave for is a guaranteed positive experience and unless you manage to provide this much sought after need, chances are that you’ll be well behind the eight ball. However, once you manage to meet this need, you no longer have to worry about sales as your reputation alone will drive customers towards your contact center.

  2. 85% of the consumers are willing to shell out extra bucks for upgraded experience

    A large majority of customers are more than willing to shell out extra bucks for a superior customer experience. This simply translates into double delight for contact centers, i.e. at one end they garner customer loyalty and on the other they manage to generate incremental revenues, just by providing superior customer service.

  3. 72% of customers will share their positive customer service experience with six or more people

    Customer service is still one of the biggest reasons why consumers recommend an organization. Hence why not deliver exceptional customer service and benefit from the word of mouth.

  4. 91% of unhappy customers disassociate with a company without complaining

    Never think that customers will give you a second chance to mend your ways and provide better service to them. The moment they encounter a negative experience they decide to cut all ties with your business. Also as per recent reports, the chances of this negative experience being conveyed to friends and other people are high. Once this happens your reputation is likely to suffer an irreparable damage.

  5. Only 12% of companies are successful in cross-selling their offerings to new customers

    A mere 12% of companies have been successful in cross-selling their products and services to new customers. However the success rate shoots up to 65% when you are trying to cross-sell the same to existing customers. Hence instead of just concentrating on attracting new customer, why not also opt to concentrate on retaining your existing customer base by cranking up your post-sale support. This way you can increase your profits in excess of 125%, say recent reports.

  6. 67% of the poor customer experience can be prevented by resolving issues during the first interaction

    One of the easiest ways to win the loyalty of customers is by resolving issues in a single go.  This way you’ll be seen as a customer-centric business rather than a company-centric one, and cement your relationship with customers hugely.

Succeeding in business today depends a lot on reading the beat of your customers’ pulse rightly. So set your fingers on your customer’s pulse and be prepared to react to the changes, no sooner than they happen.