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The call center business is growing at a significant rate and many businesses are considering establishing their in-house contact centers. If businesses invest wisely and take time to plan their contact centers, they can greatly improve their customer satisfaction ratings. And with the rise of innovative software, the process of establishing an in-house call center has become easier. Any business enterprise can take advantage of the benefits provided by a call center and maintain an edge in the competition.

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Things to consider while setting up an in-house call center:

  • The first step is figuring out the purpose of setting up an in-house call center in-house and clearly defining objectives.
  • A 360 view of call center requirements should be kept in mind like designing it in such a way that it is easy to maintain, has the necessary utilities and connectivity.
  • Almost every monitoring and analytics function of a call center is automated these days. Incorporating features like monitoring agents, call recording tools and report generation software ensure the smooth running of a company’s daily administrative tasks.
  • A good call center should be able to add a layer of personalization and thoroughly master customer service processes in order to quickly resolve the customer issues.
  • Companies should invest tools where customers can track the status of their complaints to ensure transparency and increase customer trust.
  • The efficacy of a running in-house call center business can be constantly improved by listening to calls and considering feedback given by customers. Recordings of team members talking to customers can be played back to train new recruits. This can significantly improve the customer service levels of employees, thereby also increasing the company’s productivity and revenue.
  • A business caters to customers of different demographics. No two customers are the same as they will have different issues to be resolved, it is important to be prepared and trained for diverse scenarios, languages, etc.
  • Due follow-up processes need to be put in place, in case there is no response from a customer to figure out the reason.
  • It is important for every member to have sound knowledge of the business domain so that queries of any kind of can be tackled quickly, thus gaining trust.
  • It should be of the highest priority to resolve the concern faced by the client as quickly as possible. Turnaround time is critical.
  • A system should be established to cut down the resolution time of issues. Always look to address concerns immediately at the first touch point rather than multiple stages or calls. This promotes customer loyalty.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Establishing an in-house Call Center

Advantages –

  • An in-house call center would most likely only deal with the business’s own operations. Catering and paying attention to the customers of a single brand is easier. In-house agents can later turn into trusted brand ambassadors.
  • There is a sense of security that the company’s confidential data is within its walls and not out with third parties who might take advantage of it.
  • Since an in-house contact center is under the direct supervision of the company, any last-minute changes, launches or additions can take place with immediate effect without any delay. Even the existing process can be changed because it is up to the company’s discretion.

Disadvantages –

  • The establishment of an in-house call center business requires a lot of capital. Everything from the staff to the infrastructure of the company should be taken care of. There should also be capital saved for any contingency plans in case anything goes wrong.
  • There needs to be continuous maintenance of infrastructure, equipment and the customer service process. This requires a constant influx of resources and time.
  • Taking care of both core and non-core activities of a company can lead to compromised productivity or there is a need to spend extra on both aspects which leads to high operational costs.
  • Any internal or external factor like power shutdowns, floods, etc, can lead to the interruption of an in-house contact center’s business process. Any changes because of said change can leave a long-lasting effect on the service.

Outsourcing Call Center Services

Business owners should understand that opting for an in-house call center isn’t the only solution. Outsourcing business processes can ensure the same level of high-quality customer service processes.

Advantages of an outsourced call center –

  • A major benefit of outsourcing is the cost benefits that come with it. Businesses can spend 50% less on outsourced companies than they would have to on their own. Outsourcing to countries where the labor and the cost of living are cheaper also leads to lesser investment.
  • Non-core activities of the company are taken off the shoulders of employees who can then focus on ventures that are more profitable to the company like sales, marketing, management, production, etc.
  • Many businesses are wary of outsourcing because of security issues. However, BPOs engage in a mutual risk agreement with the business offering security to the business’s confidential data.
  • Outsourced customer service providers have trained and experienced teams who can offer domain expertise, technical assistance, and can relate to customers professionally. They provide high-customer service and represent the brand very well.
  • Outsourcing companies offer round-the-clock support so there is no loss of a potential client/customer owing to different time zones.
  • Outsourcing companies also provide multichannel support – email chat, voice calls, social media, etc.
  • Proficiency in multiple languages, planning global business operations, flexibility, etc are other reasons one should consider investing in outsourced service providers.

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