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The high stakes involved in B2B transactions and the fact that B2B decision makers are difficult to convince or to sell to when compared to individual customers, often due to their in-depth expertise of the market, makes setting an appointment seem like a nightmare!  Having a referral or success story in the industry can make the task of clinching your first B2B sales appointment, seem like a dream. But not all businesses are lucky enough to have a robust staff skilled in the art of talking their way into setting up a sales appointment.

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Let’s take a look at how you can drum up your Business with these tricks up your sleeve:

Schedule a Business Tete-e-tete

The key to setting a successful appointment is preparation. Businesses must do their homework regarding the client in terms of having a value proposition for the appointment setting campaign. It is important to study the background of the target prospects in order to tailor the call. This is where sales intelligence steps in. It helps make that crucial connection with decision-makers and influence their purchase decisions. Working with a B2B database contact or a sales enablement tool can help immensely. Likewise using a dynamic B2B appointment setting script can help to win over a prospect. It will act as a point of reference to guide the conversation forward, and you will have a clear idea about what to say or how to improvise based on how the call is headed.

Persistence Is Important

It is a natural human tendency to seek immediate gratification in everything. Generally, when there is an expensive/complex solution involved there’s always a long buying cycle where people prefer to take some time to research, compare and eventually decide on an option. Looking at the scenario in the US and the UK, the representatives have to contact their prospects for at least eight to twelve times. The case may be different countries, and maybe you will be successful in fewer attempts. So, testing and setting up your phone call cadence is one of the most important B2B appointment setting tips that you need to follow to increase your success rate. You can also add a little variety to your communication approach by adding voicemails and emails to the mix as well.

Telling Stories to Pique the Prospect’s Interest

Telling stories that captivate your prospect’s interest is probably the most successful appointment setting tips that you can apply in your organization. Bringing up a case study or a story where you were able to drive amazing results for a client early in the conversation will appeal directly to what your prospects are looking for. Try to frame the story around how you tackled the challenges in a project and how you implemented improvements to reach the objectives, etc. This will get your prospect curious about how you can offer a solution to drive similar results for them and keep them engaged longer in your conversation. You can now use other B2B appointment setting tips and techniques listed in this article to take the conversation toward a successful closure.

Meet the Need

Consumer data, behavioral analytics and online surveys help Businesses understand their customers and their needs. In fact, 94% of Businesses recruit sales teams that are skilled in using sophisticated tools that gather prospect information, more so, the reason behind the purchase. Thus, in the course of doing a background study of the prospect, Businesses often focus on areas where their products can directly or indirectly cater to improving the lifestyle at a budget that fits them and the business. It is the need gratification aspect that is often woven into the sales script.  Thus rather than Business training in-house sales reps to be pushy salesmen, they are on the contrary often positioned as consultants or partners in catering to the prospects’ unique needs.

Hang on to the Big Daddy’s of Business

Trust plays an important role in an otherwise seemingly conniving and competitive Business world. Trust in a Business refers to its market presence, brand image, and steady Business growth over the years. A business of that sort commands respect and getting a referral from such a Business for a prospect can only accelerate the process of setting up in-person B2B appointment. A referral shows an equally successful business backs you up and prospects would only be glad to see the connection.

Narrow Down Your Prospect List

To further enhance your B2B appointment setting techniques and strategies, you can shift to account-based marketing and sales, where you can narrow down your focus on those companies that could make a significant impact on the growth of your organization. Unlike blind outbound marketing where a substantial amount of time is spent in attempting to sell to unqualified leads who may not be the right fit for your business, account-based marketing lets you leverage web and predictive analytics to identify which accounts on your list of target companies will be interested in your solution. This will help your organization function in a target-rich environment as you narrow down the list of prospective companies and individuals to call.

Cut through the Blocks

The toughest part perhaps every sales rep goes through is trying to convince the prospect on how best buying the product will improve their bottom line. Successful appointments have involved sales rep handling prospect objections by using analytics and notes to answer every query to sway an otherwise hesitant prospect their way. This could be a breakthrough for an in-person appointment next!

Why Outsource Your B2B Appointment Setting Needs

If you are responsible for generating leads and getting new clients for your business, then you are aware of how competitive the market can be. You know that it can be challenging to generate leads and even more challenging to secure appointments from your list of prospects. Outsourcing your appointment scheduling to a third-party business-to-business appointment setting company can help you gain new clients more efficiently.

Gain New Prospects

Before you can set appointments, you need leads. Companies that are struggling to find new leads should consider the benefits of combined lead generation appointment setting services. A third-party company can generate quality leads for you and follow up on them to get results. Finding quality leads can be tough, but the best appointment setting services can identify the prospects with the most potential and then use tried and true techniques to turn prospects into clients.

Focus on Core Work

Following up on leads can be hard work. It may take multiple attempts to persuade the prospect to schedule an appointment. Meanwhile, your company has existing clients to serve, and of course, these loyal clients are your top priority. This is why outsourcing to a third-party appointment setting service can be beneficial to your company. With skilled representatives handling lead generation and appointment setting, your team can focus on providing top-notch service while your client base grows.

Leave it to Professionals

When you use professional B2B appointment setting services, you can trust that your prospects will speak with professional representatives who are trained to deliver the best results. The representatives will familiarise themselves with your business and be able to respond confidently and professionally to prospects’ concerns and questions.

Marketing your B2B products and services is a formidable challenge. It takes time, skill and persistence to gain the trust of a prospective client. However, it can be a much simpler and speedier process when you use an appointment setting service.


Business enterprises can now conveniently convert prospective clients into permanent ones thanks to B2B appointment setting, if one can get past the gatekeeper that is. But it’s worth a well-strategized try, provided you have all that it takes to get you your B2B sales appointment: a great team or an experienced outsource party, modern equipment and the grit of a hard nut! We at expert callers provide you a perfect blend of all these to ensure you get appointments out of the hats. To know how we bring this about contact us now.