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Appointment Setting

Businesses must improve their sales strategy on a regular basis to acquire new customers. Many companies are looking at B2C calling and telemarketing calling in a bid to increase their market share. B2C marketing helps companies better advertise product or service by increasing their product’s brand awareness. It also drives revenue by capitalizing on one-on-one interaction. It strategically promotes any special offer or discounts that a company may have.

Appointment setting is one of the key components of B2C marketing. It slims chances of sales personnel wasting their time on prospects who are actually not interested in your products and services.

The process of fixing appointments for end-users of products and services is challenging. It is one of the roadblocks that prevent the conversion of leads to sales. Appointments are crucial in sales cycle. Business development agents cannot initiate a conversation with prospects without an appointment.

Companies also have to make sure that the calling agent makes a favourable impression on the prospect. This will generate an interest in customers about the company’s product or services. The prospect may then be open to further discussion with your sales team.

How To Perfect Appointment Setting Services- Best Practices

Calling at the Right Time

Calling up prospects at the wrong time will be counterproductive. A prospect will be less likely to be enthusiastic about a sales call which wakes him up from his sleep. An agent must check the time-zone and the place the customer stays in before calling him/her. He also needs to make sure that he calls at an apt time. He must avoid odd hours such as dinner time or when the customer is likely to take a break after a long day at work.

The calling agent needs to take into account the different holidays of the country the target customer is located in.

Asking the Customer If It’s The Right Time to Talk

When you make the call the decision-maker may not be in right framework of mind to talk. He might be busy with his work too and your call can interrupt him. Such people are likely to inform you that they are busy and disconnect the call. The caller must begin the conversation on a polite note by asking if it’s the right time to talk. If they reply in the negative, the sales agent must enquire as to when he is available to talk. Good manners are everything when it comes to selling a product or service. If the prospective client is busy, he may let a courteous agent know when to call.

Knowing the Product Well

If the calling agent is not well prepared for the call, he is setting himself up for a failure. The agents should be well-versed in the products or services, he or she is talking about. They should be able to address any queries the target customer may have about their product or service.

Appointment setting companies need to train the calling agents on the industry the product belongs to. This will empower them to reply to all the queries of target consumers.

Generating Leads

Inside sales is a powerful opportunity for your company to grow your sales. When the appointment setting caller reaches out to a prospective customer, he can ask if they know anyone else who might have an interest in the product or service. If they provide any reference the agent can try calling this new lead.

However, a customer will give out references only if the sales agent is successful in building a good rapport with him. To build a rapport the caller must have a friendly approach and be successful in establishing a personal connection with the prospect.

Making the Most of Technology

There is host of appointment setting software which makes this process more efficient. You need a software whose features let you do the following important tasks:

  1. Call at zone-appropriate times
  2. Follow-up on email or call
  3. Increase the number of calls per hour with progressive dialling
  4. Shift appointments automatically to the next available slot
  5. Send an automated email to the prospect with the details of the appointment.

Leveraging on Brand Goodwill

Consumer behaviour studies have revealed that people prefer to use products or services that have great user ratings. It will peak your prospect customer’s interest if your agents succeeds to apprise the prospective customer of the positive ratings and awards that your brand received.

If you have well-known clients do not shy away from mentioning them to your potential consumer. Ask them to read the customer reviews that you have on your company’s website or on the landing page of other reputed sites.

Avoiding an Over-Aggressive Approach

Appointment setting agents have to tread the fine line between assertiveness and being overtly pushy. Sales agents make prospect wary of the brand if they pressurize him too much. He should make use of pleasant talk and positive customer experiences to schedule an appointment.

How We Assist You with Our B2C Appointment Setting Service

ExpertCallers has immense experience in providing B2C appointment setting services to companies across industry verticals. We follow our well-tested B2C appointment setting process that ensures remarkable results.

We have a team dedicated to researching the client’s requirements and determining target audience. They also specialise in outlining a customized sales brief. We leverage our client’s database of existing customers to make our sales brief more targeted to deliver better results.

Our strict quality control process ensures qualified leads. We use our research data to make targeted calls. Our quality team rates and scores the leads we get from the calls. We ensure that we move forward only those leads to our clients which have made it past our quality benchmark.

When the appointment is set, we provide all the information to our clients that they need to carry out the conversation. We closely monitor the entire workflow and make the necessary changes to ensure a smooth process.

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as An Industry Authority?

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