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Wondering why your appointment setting campaigns aren’t churning out the results that you’ve hoped for? A recent study has attributed most of these failures to three main reasons, i.e., engaging with the wrong people, relying on non-experts to land appointments and not updating CRM records. Let’s take a look at each of these reasons in detail-

Engaging the Wrong People

Often, sales representatives make the mistake of engaging with people who aren’t essentially an ideal customer to buy the product. As a result of this they end up wasting valuable time that could have been better utilized for making calls to apt prospects and setting appointments with them.

Hence to make sure that you have a more fruitful interaction it is essential for you to incorporate mechanisms and standards that pre-qualify leads before setting appointments. For instance you can include important observations such as intent data into the qualification process, which will help you to precisely target the right audience.

Relying on Non-Experts to Land Appointments

Most companies bank on the same sales representatives to complete every step in the buying cycle, including appointment setting and lead generation. As per industry veterans, this is proverbial sin, which in all probability will be counterproductive. This is because inside sales or appointment setting skills are very different from the skills needed for closing deals. Hence make sure that you understand the difference and hire people who are better at nurturing leads for setting appointments.

Not Updating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Records

Sales reps, who are overwhelmed by the burden of managing contacts across the sales pipeline, can often undermine the importance of updating CRM records while engaging prospects and decide not to add notes to a CRM profile after every appointment setting call.

What they are failing to understand is that when they don’t update records, they are essentially losing an opportunity to be better prepared and deliver personalized sales pitches.


Be vigilant and keep an eye on these mistakes, so that your appointment setting efforts doesn’t go down the drain. And in case you need any other assistance with regards to appointment setting services don’t hesitate to contact us. Backed by over 13 years of solid B2B appointment setting experience, we provide you with appointment opportunities that will allow your business to thrive. We reduce costs and increase productivity by simply delivering what you need the most – qualified sales leads and appointments.

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