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Analyzing and evaluating various call center operations is a vital process because it provides your company with powerful insights – the bigger picture. Live call monitoring comes into play when individual calls need to be monitored, especially during times where data alone cannot help you understand what’s going on during calls. Real-time call center monitoring is a powerful tool that allows you to listen to ongoing conversations, supervise the agent’s input, and even join in the call if necessary.

Live call monitoring services refer to features and tools that allow managers to oversee and track conversations that occur between customers and agents. Live call monitoring can provide you with an insight into what happens during the daily operations, the agent’s performance during the call, and their outbound and inbound activities. It will help you use real-time monitoring features and gain access to various benefits like boosting the company’s performance, employee effectiveness, and customer satisfaction.

Live call monitoring is viewed by many as micromanagement. When viewed in this sense, people might argue that it can essentially be counterproductive in their attempt to improve processes. The reality, however, is that this is one of the most effective ways by which you can provide better customer service. We have put together a few benefits of call monitoring to support this notion:

Quality Assurance

Call monitoring goes a long way in increasing the quality of service delivered. This is because it allows managers to silently listen to customer-agent interactions without anybody even knowing, making it mandatory for the agents to maintain certain level of standard in providing service. And if there is some wrong information or sub-optimal service being provided, call monitoring enables managers to come in and provide managerial oversight. It also helps in providing quick recognition and timely reward to those agent who are doing good job.

Seamless Information Sharing

Call monitoring also serves as a means to communicate with agents without interrupting their workflow. A real-time quality monitoring call center can be helpful if there are last-mile changes in a project. For instance, it can alert your agents about any technical glitches that might prevent them from answering customer queries, and ensuring they have a backup answer/solution or share special information like offers and discounts that a customer needs to be aware of. Live monitoring can help with real-time prioritization and it will make the workflow customer-oriented and enhance productivity.

Call Barging

Call monitoring enables managers to barge in or interfere on the call and speak directly to both the caller and the agent. This way, they will not only help agents but also provide better assistance to customers regarding specific issues. At times, this can be the only redeeming feature of a bad call. You can go for live monitoring services that allow you to interact with the agent, without the customer listening in on your conversation; this is because it’s an effective way of providing continuous feedback, in a live environment.

Agent Training

Call monitoring is an excellent way to train new agents and fast track their entry onto the floor. When a new call center agent is hired, they can be made to listen to the calls of more experienced agents, thereby providing a firsthand experience about how to handle customers and provide care. And when they start to make calls on their own, call monitoring acts as a safety net and allow managers to come in whenever their services are needed. Furthermore, it also enables managers to monitor the new agent’s performance and provide them with personalized feedback.


Call monitoring gives qualitative data that no modern analytics or call center solutions can provide. It allows managers to identify trends and patterns in customer behaviors before they are out in the open. This gives them the ability to tailor their strategies accordingly. Additionally, it will allow your business to plan training strategies and come up with reward structures that will allow you to aim for the best customer experience that your organization can offer.

The bottom-line

Live call monitoring can make the process easy for call center service providers and customers. However, it needs to be used constructively lest it becomes counterproductive. Taking on a live call monitoring, like Expert Callers, will lead to many benefits. It will help enhance the call center environment, increase agent productivity, and be useful for customer insights as well.