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Most companies find value in hiring inbound call center solutions due to the many benefits they offer. The companies save a lot of money with regard to employee costs. This means fewer HR costs, fewer training costs, and employee-benefit costs.

If you have seen the offices of these offshore BPOs, you know that they are super swanky and hi-tech. The cost of building and maintaining such infrastructure would be out of the question for many companies.

Also, inbound call center services paves the way for a superior customer experience. You get access to agents who are deft at solving customers’ problems. They communicate fluently, in English, or in any other language you want them to. Hello, multilingual inbound call center support!

Most importantly, they put you in a position to stay connected with your customer 24×7. This is critical to industries like health and finance where the problem has to be solved in the here and now. However, customers of other industries too expect prompt customer service, even if it is as simple as a request to return an item.

Let’s now see the different services an inbound call center has to offer.

6 Incredible Inbound Call center Solutions that Businesses Must Check Out

1. Phone Answering Services

While automated customer service has its benefits, most people still prefer chatting with a human. According to a GCS study, about 50% of their respondents from the UK put human interaction over automated interaction.

The value of human interaction can never be undermined by robotic convenience.  That’s because the personal touch that a person brings to the table can never be replicated by machines.

Phone Answering Service

Let’s see an example of this. A person calls up their insurer to make claims on property loss due to a natural calamity. The person will likely appreciate the empathy, that a human agent will display.

Inbound call center solutions will give you access to the such agents who will not only be able to express empathy as desired by customers but also provide solutions right off the bat.

2. Help Desk

It is critical for IT companies to respond in time when their client encounters a problem while using their product or service. Inbound call centers are equipped with the right people and technology. This ensures that the call quality is uncompromised and leads to maximum customer satisfaction.

The benefits of help desk outsourcing are many. They have faster response times. The agents have access to analytics solutions to predict and prevent problems even before they occur.

IT Help Desk

The providers of inbound call center solutions hire the best experts in the field. Such agent quality is imperative for them to excel in their business line. These experts always recommend important updates to keep your system in the pink of its health.

Help desk service providers also aid you to keep track of the performance indicators of your IT assets.

3. Chat & Email Support

Most companies provide live chat support to their customers. They kill two birds with the same stone. One, it is convenient for people who do not like to talk on the phone to get help easily. Two, it is quite affordable for them. This is because the agents /bots can manage many conversations efficiently at the same time.

Similarly, email support is very useful too. People can access their emails on the go. It is very useful for situations that involves plenty of explaining. Email services are very cost-efficient as it does not require any separate software for you to invest into. You get tangible results soon with it.

Outsourcing email and chat support to an inbound call center allow you to always respond on time and professionally.

4. Upselling and Cross-selling

Every call from your customer is an opportunity for you to sell newer products and services. When you hire inbound call center solutions agents, you easily achieve this. This is because they take their time training their employees on the various sales pitching techniques.

You can promote awareness about your product mix to your customers without being pushy when you hire outsourced inbound call center solutions partner. This increases the chances of the customer buying your product in the future.

5. IVR

First call resolution is an industry gold standard parameter that every enterprise desires to achieve. But only a few tastes success. IVR technology is the key to achieving this objective. When connected to the CRM, it intelligently routes a customer’s call to the right department.

The IVR self-service feature automates simple tasks such as answering common queries. This unburdens agents during high call volumes. Most importantly, it’s highly cost effective. It yields quicker ROI.

Things IVR can do
Things IVR can do

An inbound call center solutions company helps you make the best use of IVR technology. First, most of theBPOs have certifications like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc. This ensures data security.

Outsourced IVR services can also be easily scaled up to meet an increase in demand and vice-versa. Further, your third-party partner will never fail to make sure your IVR is up to date.

6. 800 Answering Services

Most businesses have a toll-free number for their customer queries. The customers can call up these numbers for free. Although the company has to pay for all the calls, it is a great investment. It boosts the brand reputation and improves the customer relationship. It also helps to retain customers because every other brand provides it.

800 answering is included in most inbound call center solutions. The scripts and the voices they provide are extremely professional.  They ensure that calls are routed to the right departments.

How Do We Help You with Our Inbound Call Center Solutions

Our inbound call center services are well-known for helping companies boost their customer satisfaction rate.  We put our agents through regular phases of rigorous training. This ensures that they are well-versed with the most recent inbound call center technologies. Backed with technology, our experts understand the clients’ needs and deal with difficult situations in the most professional manner.

We have in place cutting-edge technology and streamlined operations. This helps deal with high-volume calls with maximum efficiency. With our average speed to answer being high (80% at 60 seconds), your customers don’t have to wait to talk to an agent.

We are among those inbound call center outsourcing partners, who will ensure that your customers don’t have to make repeat calls to get their problems resolved. This is because our first call resolution rate stands at 80%.

As your inbound call center solutions partner, we ensure 100 % data security and confidentiality. Our security protocols are among the industry’s best.

Who we Are and What Makes Us Industry Experts

This article is  written down by the writers at Expert Callers. We have many years of experience in providing phone answering services, help desk/ trouble shooting, chat & email support, up-selling, and cross-selling services. We also provide IVR and 800 answering services to companies across the world.

Our other inbound call center solutions include medical answering services, order-taking services, virtual receptionist services etc.