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Businesses constantly look out for new and innovative ways to improve their profits. While customer acquisition is one of the most obvious ways to increase business, established firms invest much effort in ensuring that they have a pool of loyal and returning customers.

This is not surprising considering the study published by Thrive Agency, which says that about 80% of a business’s profits come from only 20% of its customers.

On the other hand, enterprises with a poor customer retention history find it challenging to survive in the long haul. This is because the cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than retaining existing ones.

Now, what is the surest way to improve customer retention? It’s customer service, as no customer will stay with a brand that doesn’t listen to their complaints. To prove it in numbers, we have a study by Salesforce, which says that 89% of customers will re-purchase stuff if the company delivers them a good customer service experience.

Upping your customer service game by outsourcing to a competent call centre services company is one of the easiest ways to improve customer retention rates, and this blog will explain why.

Call Center Services help you increase customer retention

5 Sure Shot Ways to Increase Customer Retention with Call Center Services

1. Multi-Channel Support

When you provide multi-channel support to your customers, you make it easier for them to reach out to you. This entails the following benefits:

  • You can reach a broader base of customers through different communication channels.
  • Scalability becomes more accessible as there are multiple channels to handle the extra load.
  • Better customer satisfaction among all age groups (millennials prefer live chats, while old-school people want human interaction.

Call centre services help you implement and maintain multi-channel support, with their experts proficiently providing voice and non-voice support.

1.	Multi Channel Support

2. Onboarding Strategy

Your customer will decide the worthiness of investing in your brand within the first few minutes of interacting with your customer service agents—this is why you need to welcome new customers with a great onboarding program.

A professional call centre services company will provide the following benefits:

  • Their representatives convey the benefits of your product and services right at the beginning.
  • Have in place a pleasant and friendly welcome script.
  • Let them know about any ongoing or future offers and discounts.
  • Inform them how they can get in touch with your business when needed.

3. Follow-up strategy

Once you have developed the perfect onboarding plan, you must build an appropriate follow-up plan to boost customer retention rates. An experienced call centre services provider will help you implement the right follow-up strategy, where the agent calls your customer to enquire about their experience with your product and services.  If the customer reports an issue, they make sure to resolve it.

Additionally, you can use follow-up calls to inform your customer or clients about any upcoming products or new features of existing products.

4. Customer Feedback

Call centre services help you gather customer feedback, the most reliable source of information for any business. It lets you know straight from the horse’s mouth about the significant and not-so-great aspects of your products/services. This allows you to tailor your brand offerings to meet customer expectations, thus boosting customer satisfaction.

Here are other reasons why customer feedback is so important.

  • Positive customer feedback can be published on the brand’s website, social media, etc., to capitalise on the power of recommendation.
  • When feedback highlights the steps, you have taken to address a customer concern, even customers who swore off your brand might come back for more.
  • When many customers say good things about your brand, you earn plenty of goodwill.
  • Customer Feedback

5. Call Analytics

Brand loyalty dramatically depends on how easy it is for your customer to receive help when they get in touch with you. Reputed companies which provide all centre services leverage advanced analytics to improve the whole process. They keep track of important metrics such as Average Handle Time, First Call Resolution Rate, etc., to fit in more calls and thus keep more customers satisfied.

Call centre analytics also point out the most common queries. You can thus create a quick guide for these issues and lessen the need for your customer to get in touch with your customer service.

How Do We Assist You With Our Call Center Services

Our call centre services have helped several companies build and nurture lasting customer relationships. We have highly streamlined processes that ensure all your client queries get timely and accurate responses.

We train our agents to achieve excellence in every interaction. Their friendly tone and professional approach help placate even the angriest caller, whilst their expertise enables them to provide smooth and effective resolutions.

With a customer satisfaction score of 85%, our call centre outsourcing services stand tall among all our competitors. Our multi-lingual and multi-channel support has helped our clients raise the bar regarding customer services.

As an ISO 27001-certified organisation, we guarantee all our clients 100% data security and privacy.

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