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Carrying out an effective B2B telesales campaign can be tricky. To be successful you’ll need a highly trained, dedicated, and motivated sales team; not to mention an experienced management team and top-of-the-line technologies. Meeting all of these requirements can drain your resources and force you to realign your focus away from core responsibilities. 

Telesales services are a great tool for lead generation. It’s suitable for all organization sizes and it’s an effective strategy that uses human conversation by being a powerful force behind a positive sales process. 

This is why many businesses are opting to outsource a portion or all of their telesales efforts to a third party service provider. Most businesses look at outsourcing telesales to a specialist like Expert Callers, which can benefit your business in several ways.

Some of the vital advantages of telesales outsourcing are mentioned below:

Reduced Expenditure

Outsourced telesales services are light on your pocket. This is because, you need not spend a fortune on setting up the required infrastructure and tools, providing employee benefits, and handling other managerial overheads.By outsourcing, you’ll get access to highly trained staff, state-of-the-art tools, and contemporary practices that have been refined over the years at a very reasonable cost.

The true cost of the employee can be found out when you take their basic salary and multiply by 1.85. These expenses also include providing them with a telephone, desk, computer, software licenses, and miscellaneous office amenities. The major benefit of telesales outsourcing is that it either eliminates or reduces training your in-house telemarketer, time spent on managing the employees, pension, and redundancy.

Industry-leading Knowledge and Expertise

As a client, you should have complete control over who makes the calls on behalf of your business and how your brand is represented on the phone. One of the biggest benefits that you’ll gain by outsourcing telesales services is leveraging their knowledge and experience gained from running telesales campaigns of varying sizes and specializations. 

Another advantage of telesales services, when outsourced to the right provider, is the sheer number of actionable insights available in your strategy arsenal due to the powerful analytics tools. These allow you to A/B test your campaigns; identify the optimal time of the day you want the call to be made and ensure that your campaigns are well-polished and strategized to meet your sales goals.

Get Your Buyers Back

Usually, regular customers tend to lose interest in certain products or services over time. They either stop purchasing it altogether or purchase it, rarely. This can be an extremely tough situation, which on occasion can shatter morale along with the productivity of the inside sales team completely. 

Outsourcing telesales will meet client expectations by pitching to qualified leads by setting up meetings, phone calls. Outsourcing telesales services allows professional callers who have the right experience to use techniques like cross-selling and upselling to attract customers both new and repeat, thus retaining them in the long run for increased profits.

Why Outsource Telesales Services to Us?

Telesales outsourcing can help scale up your marketing activities and yield better ROI. Outsourced telesales services provide an option to increase the caller frequency that you receive on your campaign, without needing to recruit dedicated telemarketers in-house. We are a one-stop-shop for all your B2B and B2C telesales needs. The thing that differentiates us from the rest is our knowledge and understanding of telesales and marketing process. We leverage this knowledge and understanding to interweave both marketing and telesales processes to maximize the potential of every sales call and every sales campaign.

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