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Establishing healthy relationships between business clients is crucial for success today. For this, the firms must be willing to build a meaningful network of connections around them. According to a study by Sales Insights Lab, phone calls increase sales conversion rates by 54%. With the help of well-trained telemarketing staff, businesses can make more significant revenue and build long-term friendships with customers.

Most B2B companies depend on their telemarketing services to acquire business prospects. This article will help you understand B2B telemarketing, whether you should outsource, and the best telemarketing practices. 

What is B2B Telemarketing? 


B2B telemarketing is strategy business owners employ to connect with influential business people to sell their services. Here, telemarketers reach out to prospects through phone calls to market their products or services and conduct follow-up calls. These processes mainly occur in warm outreach, cold calling, and email marketing. Some B2B businesses choose outsourced telemarketing services to ensure quality and save time. 

 A sales representative is estimated to have 5% of the customer’s time to sell their products or convert them into leads. Telemarketing is the best way to connect with reputed and influential names directly. An ideal telemarketing service would include market research, information review, multi-channel communication, and follow-ups. 

B2B Vs B2C Telemarketing Services

Although very different, B2B telemarketing often needs to be clarified with the B2C business models. B2B strategy aims to connect with potential leads from businesses or companies, whereas B2C reaches out to customers to market their products or services. B2B telemarketing services require more attention because they aim to persuade enterprises to expect an inevitable return or demand specific features. On the other hand, B2C approaches are aimed at customers who can make decisions based on emotional needs and impulses. Also, B2B callers require a thorough knowledge of the services and need to make longer calls than B2C ones.  

Advantages of B2B Telemarketing Services

Whether you have an internal team to handle customer relationships or are looking for telemarketing outsourcing options, employing B2B strategies has multiple benefits. The following are a few of them. 

Access to quality leads 

B2B telemarketing services are the best way to market one’s products to prospective leads. There is nothing like human interaction to build long-lasting relationships with business owners. A phone call can let both parties interact, address grievances, and resolve issues. As a result, there is an exchange of information that ultimately helps with lead generation. Also, when one of the parties feels skeptical about the product or service, they can always move on. 

Expanded Network 

You need a rigid inbound sales pipeline to grow your business. With just access to making and picking phone calls, telemarketing services make it possible to connect with reputed and expert organizations. This is also why you should have a team of caller agents skilled in customer handling. It generates leads and revenue and helps find and nurture business relationships with customers. The insights can also help you analyze and locate relevant authorities in the future. 


The agents must be present in only some meetings with potential clients. Unlike sales representatives, these callers can persuade and grow the business from the comfort of a phone. You can cut costs on sales travel and follow-up visits. Also, telemarketing services can be done through social media, email campaigns, and presentations, thanks to multiple online platforms. The price you need to pay the telemarketers is also a standard one helping you save much from the budget. 

Evident Performance 

Earlier, the traditional marketing models restricted businesses from gaining a clear perspective on sales outcomes. Today’s telemarketing services allow you to rate success with defined metrics. You can rank them by analyzing the number of leads generated in a stipulated time, conversion rates, and scheduled appointments. Using such measurable performances, you can also improve your marketing strategy and optimize the campaigns for better conversions. 

Types of B2B Telemarketing Services

There are multiple ways you can approach telemarketing services. Depending on the campaign’s purpose, the following types of B2B outreach can help you scale your business.


Lead Generation 

This is the most common purpose of incorporating telemarketing services into your business strategy. Lead generation takes place in three steps. Firstly, the agents spot customers who can be converted into leads. Then, they establish great rapport with the customers and convince them to become paid clients. This only happens in the first call. It takes multiple interactions, and follow-up calls to be successful in lead acquisition. 


The telemarketing team does not just reach out to customers but also assists the sales department by sharing their data. The sales team, in turn, offers them insights into customer feedback, grievances, and requests to the callers. You can later get their help to qualify potential leads using follow-up emails. 

Sales Follow up 

Businesses only become successful by adding more customers to their target list. It is also crucial to keep the existing customers happy. B2B telemarketing services help you stay in touch with your clients regularly to ensure loyalty. Also, marketing strategies are evolving; any business must keep its clients and followers engaged.  

Event Marketing 

Some B2B companies host webinars, conferences, or workshops to promote their business. Telemarketing services can help identify potential clients and invite them to such events. As a result, impressed audiences may convert into leads and help you network with potential leads.  

Nurturing Leads 

Lead nurturing helps companies to make their leads become paid customers. This will, in turn, generate revenue and boost brand awareness. Telemarketing services use strategies like lead scoring, an analysis that reveals how likely it is for a lead to become a customer. This can also be done with the help of automated tools. Ultimately, B2B callers help you maintain and grow customer relationships. 

Should You Outsource Your B2B Telemarketing Services? 

When handling B2B business, it can be tempting to have internal staff take care of the customer relationships. But it not only adds up to the existing workload of the employee but also demands you to spend on his training. However, outsourcing telemarketing services will allow business owners to connect directly with customers.  

An expert service provider will have a team of well-trained agents who can build trust among the prospects. Also, the agency will handle the hiring costs of these talented callers. You can cut costs on training, paying, offering incentives to the staff, and installing high-quality software. Outsourced telemarketing services also give regular and transparent updates for the business to make necessary modifications in the future. It is the best form of investment that comes with extra benefits. 

Summing up  

An ideal B2B telemarketing service will include prompt appointment setting, accurate lead research, a customized approach towards individual clients, and meaningful interactions. We at Expert Callers can help you build excellent relationships with your customers using our skilled resources and the latest technology.  

By outsourcing your telemarketing requirements to our team, you can rest assured of a customer-centric and responsive marketing process. If you have any queries about our services, feel free to call us!