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Customer service is a crucial aspect of a brand reputation for any business today. To have a solid follower base for your products or services, you must cater to your customers’ needs. The aim is to assist them in fixing issues they have with the products and handle their queries. Today, most customers rate a business by its ability to provide quality customer service. These can be done through phone, social media, live chat, email, or even in person. For companies with high operational activities, it can be a challenging task to maintain a good customer service team.  

This is why it is an ideal choice to outsource customer support services to professional service providers. This article will help you understand why customer support outsourcing is essential and how to handle customer service outsourcing options in simple steps. 

customer support outsourcingWhat Does Outsource Customer Service Mean? 

A remarkable customer experience is certainly crucial to any thriving business. Some companies will have a dedicated team of customer service experts to ensure this. But most organizations outsource customer services to professional third parties to save time and improve quality. These firms will have a team of experts who demonstrate an excellent knowledge of your business. Therefore, it becomes easier for the customers to connect with the product and your company. These third-party providers may live in the same country as you or offshore but share your visions of business growth.  

A perfect customer service team handles queries through emails and live chats and remains available on social media. Since the emergence of customer service options as telemarketing departments in the 80s, the industry has been evolving. Customer Service outsourcing companies started operating in the 2000s. Now, we have AI chatbots to provide live interactive experiences to customers. 

Why do companies outsource customer services? 

Most companies today outsource their customer service operation to an external agency so they can focus better on the other departments. Every online brand outsources its e-commerce customer service and witnesses higher revenues because it builds loyalty around a brand. Earlier, round-the-clock customer support was considered a bonus, but thanks to today’s enhanced customer experience, it is necessary. And an immediate personalized response from their favorite brands has proven to retain customers for the long term. 

Most importantly, customers prefer a multilingual support system to feel connected to the brand, and only outsourcing customer services can help a brand cater to a diverse customer base. This, in turn, will maximize brand visibility.

Trends in outsourcing customer services

The increased customer demand, especially for renowned brands with a global follower base, has contributed to several technological advancements in the industry. These have also resulted in helping brands cut costs, offer enhanced user experience and develop business operations. For example, Robotic Process Automation technology has made it easier to automate repeated service support without human intervention.  

Companies that choose to outsource customer services also satisfy their clients by providing accurate answering support with the use of AI chatbots.  In most cases, the customers will not be able to tell the difference between a human and a bot interaction. The most recent evolution, Natural Language Processing in customer relationship maintenance, is expected to operate fully automated call centers on every communication channel.  

How to Outsource Customer Service in 5 Steps? 

The ever-evolving trends in customer management and support can make you wonder where to begin. However, there are a few basic steps you can follow to make the process smooth and more practical.  

Outsource Customer Service in 5 Steps

Set Well Defined Goals to Outsource Your Customer Service 

Understanding the need to outsource your customer service is the primary step in automating the operation. The reasons may vary from improving promotional scores to managing staff to handle bulk volumes. This will help you in partnering with the right service provider. Ultimately what your customers think of your brand and service determines your success rate.  

Defining what kind of customer service you expect from the provider is crucial. Is it an Omnichannel presence? Or are you looking to improve your response rate? Do you want to increase or decrease the staff count to handle tickets better? Have clarity on your goals before finding your outsourcing partner. 

Collaborate with Authentic Customer Service Outsourcing Companies 

Now that you know your business needs, you should find the right partner to outsource customer services. This is the most critical part of your customer experience. Multiple firms may offer creative and innovative solutions, but ultimately you need a personalized approach, so your customers choose to stay. On the other hand, choosing to work with reputed customer service platforms can relieve you of your time and money in training staff to handle your customers. Looking for testimonials and company websites in advance is essential to understand how these service firms work. 

Identify the platforms where customers can reach you.

Before hiring a solid team to outsource your customer services, you must know what your marketing channels will be. Your customers may vary in their age group. While your Millennial followers might be comfortable reaching out by email, the newer generation might find social media an apt platform. So, paying attention to all available channels is essential to help improve your brand visibility.  

Customers appreciate options in places they can contact you. Draft a plan for every online and offline customer support platform and let your service provider know how you want them to serve your business. 

Draft a Clear Plan on Customer Service Guidelines 

Different platforms require different modes of approach toward customers. Therefore when you find the right service provider to outsource customer services, you need to give them your brand voice guidelines. Ensuring an authoritative tone across all customer support channels can help followers find you credible.  

Customer service outsourcing companies will offer insights into how clients appreciate communication styles through their tools. You can use the senses to grow your business and grow your customer base. 

Train Your Service Provider on Quality 

Interacting with the customers of a particular brand requires appropriate training. You can give the team your insights on how customers are treated and how conflicts can be resolved in a personalized approach. They must be aware of the metrics that decide your success in the market. For example, NPS (Net Promoter Score) can help you understand how well your products will likely be recommended across your customer connections.  

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) score will also inform you how the interaction between an agent and the customer went. Depending on these metrics, you can guide the team that you outsource customer service to improve customer relationships. 


In today’s marketing scenario, customer retention is more challenging than business development. When you try to handle customer services, grow your business, and manage your operations, it can take time to strike a balance. On the other hand, having an internal team and training them can also be an expensive affair. Outsourcing customer services can be a viable option where you have the clock assistance of an expert service provider.   

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