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You got to make a good impression about your brand and your products during the first interaction with your customers. Your call center is your visual ambassador, and they play the most important role in ensuring that kind of impression.

Call centers have come a long way from being single channel to multi-channel communication centers. This has increased opportunities to contact customers through different mediums as per their liking. However, it has also necessitated an outright change in the operational mode and agent skillsets to keep the customer support services center efficiency consistent. For instance, an agent must have an equal level of expertise in webchat and phone calls to deliver a consistent level of service across all the communication channels.

It will be a mistake to assume that the onus of an efficient call center lies singly on agents. Indiscriminate call traffic distribution takes a toll on even the most efficient and multitasking expert.

The key to ensuring the highest level of operational efficiency of inbound and outbound call centers is top-notch call center management. The attributes of efficient call center management are taking complex decisions right off the bat, having 360-degree visibility of the entire operations, and being a constant source of motivation for agents. Here are 5 tips to improve call center management that translates into the highest operational efficiency for all types of call center outsourcing companies.

5 Tips to Turbocharge Your Customer Support Services Center

Here is a list of ideas to overhaul call center management that will act as a catalyst for your customer support outsourcing services efficiency.

Establish a Strategic QA Framework

A strategic QA framework is the first step toward laying the groundwork for a successful customer support outsourcing service. It enables the management to identify the key performance drivers, goals, and KPIs that deliver long-term values.

The management must capitalize on the survey response data from customers and clients to form the QA framework. An ideal framework must have a single dashboard that features all the data points that can be accessed by supervisors to take necessary actions. The data should also be accessible to agents who will have a fair idea about their quality and make attempts to improvise if needed.

Set a Clear Solutions Framework

The call center management team must prioritize a guided process workflow approach to empower agents to take end-to-end responsibility for resolving simple to complex solutions.

This approach involves giving step-by-step guidance and subject matter expertise to agents. This eliminates the chances of errors in the process steps. It enables agents to handle multiple issues even if those are beyond their skills. Such an approach results in optimal resource utilization as well as eliminates the need for call routing.

Zero in Your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

NPS is the gold standard for gauging your customer experience and their loyalty to your brand. It is one of the key metrics that you must track to understand the level of your customer support services efficiency.

An ideal NPS score is somewhere between 9-10. Any deviation from this range indicates that you must implement operational changes to bring in more efficiency.

Here are the ways to improve your NPS score:

  • Make QA measurement a part of the supervisor’s daily activity.
  • Call center managers listen to customer call recordings to evaluate the interaction quality.
  • Supervisors must interact with customers after every call and ask for their feedback.
  • Identify under-performing agents and devise a process improvement plan that includes regular coaching, training, and advising.
  • Establish attainable benchmarks that can be easily tracked, measured, and shared.
  • Break through call center silos that necessitate call routing from one department to the other.

Effective Scheduling

Scheduling is a crucial responsibility of call center management. A call center manager analyzes the daily rota, evaluates call volume trends, and maintains a record of agents’ availability. It is the responsibility of the manager to identify the time when the call center receives the maximum number of calls.

Based on the findings, managers can schedule the top agents to handle calls at those specific times for call handling in an efficient manner. This results in a good customer experience that translates into a good brand impression.

Create an Effective Call Script

A well-crafted call script is something that contains the right solution for customers as well as does not sound scripted. Here are some of the ways to improve a call center script:

  • Get to the point fast.
  • Adjust the script till it sounds spontaneous when read aloud.
  • Steer clear from phony empathy
  • Make the script as a knowledge resource
  • Make a script that can fit into multiple scenarios
  • Analyse competitors’ scripts
  • Monitor your call center scripts success

How We Assist You in Providing Spotless Customer Support Outsourcing Services

As among the leading call center outsourcing companies, Expert Callers specialize in curating inbound and outbound call center services that not only facilitate superior customer service but also cater to your cross-selling and upselling needs.

We begin our outsourcing project with a top-down evaluation of your business needs, your current pain points, your budget, and the existing infrastructure. Based on the evaluation, we create a team of expert call center agents who are cross-skilled, polite, and assertive. They stay at the top of everything that happens in the industry they are catering to. This allows them to answer queries and deliver solutions beyond their scripts.

We maintain an outsourcing model that has a 60:40 ratio of offshore and onshore resources respectively. This allows us to cater to our clients’ requirements on a 24/7 basis. This will help you not to miss out on any opportunity to acquire new customers.

In view of the competitive marketplace, we back our support agents with superior voice and data communication systems that include skill-based and last-agent routing systems. It helps you with quick and adaptive solutions for all your customer service needs.

Who Are We and What Makes Us an Expert?

This article is penned by industry veterans at Expert Caller, a prominent customer support services provider. Our range of call center services includes phone answering services, claims processing services, product recall management services, order taking services, billing queries services, and many more. Get in touch with us to know more about us.