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Picture this: A customer browses through your e-commerce website and adds a few items in the shopping cart. But before he could take the next step, a question pops up in his mind. He looks around for help, but doesn’t have too many options. Frequently asked questions are too rudimentary and email support is too time-consuming. And then there is no question of calling or navigating through the rigors of self-help. Finally, he gets frustrated as there was no help in the form that he desires and shelves the idea of buying the items.

The scenario is not a distant possibility. It is something that is experienced by online buyers on a daily basis. And as per experts, the situation would be much different if e-commerce companies start embracing online chat support and make it an integral part of their offerings.

Wondering how? Here are some of the reasons-

Online Chat is Convenient for Customers

Online chat support provides customers what they were craving for since ages: immediate access to help. Wait time is cut short by several folds when compared to other prominent forms of support, and customers can opt to multi-task and do things that they like while waiting. Also, the pain of having to dial a toll free number and steer through a web of options is non-existent.

Online Chat Cuts Down on Expenses

Online chat support has time and again proved that it is light on the pocket by offering lower a­­­­verage interaction costs. It also allows resources to handle multiple customers simultaneously, which goes a long way in trimming costs and optimizing the efficiency of workforce.

Online Chat Increases Sales

Recent studies have reiterated that providing exemplary online chat support invariably leads to improved sales numbers. The reason for this is that with online chat support, customers have access to an individual who can quickly clarify bugging issues and walk them through the entire sales cycle. This can go a long way in eliminating bounces away from e-commerce websites and ensure that full shopping carts make it through to sales.

Online Chat Gives You an Edge of Your Competition

A recent study by TELUS International revealed that many top e-retails are not offering chat support, which is not acceptable. What they are failing to understand is that online chat is one of the most important features that e-commerce businesses must have in order to be competitive and stay afloat. This is because it simply opens up avenues to connect with customers who are sales ready. For instance consider the recent E-Marketer report. As per the report, almost 20% of online shoppers who had access to online chat did 75% more shopping during the recent holiday season, compared with 1 in 10 who did not have access to online chat.

These benefits are just the tip of ice-berg. Go through the SlideShare presentation that we have published regarding, “why online chat support is a ‘must’ for business,” to get a complete picture.