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Live chat is one of those instant customer services that can help you build impromptu connections with your client. When it comes to offering the best customer support, live chat has become the most reliable tool for customers to interact with companies. By providing prompt solutions to their queries, live chat increases those vital conversion rates and boosts revenue. Whether it’s done in-house or through web chat outsourcing, this is the age of quick service and brand competition.

So, in this article, we are going to be looking at how live chat support services can increase your online sales.

Live Chat – the Game Changer

Here are some facts which hint at why live chats are the rage right now

–        60% of customers expect immediate response and live chats deliver!

–        75% of people prefer live chat over any other channel

–        Live chat is used by 67% of B2C firms for customer assistance

–        You get a conversion of 12% by adding live chat to your website

 –       63% of customers wish to return to a website with live chat sessions

 –       71% believe that live chat will outshine other modes of communication with a business.

 –       63% of today’s generation prefer their queries to be answered by live chat

–        Roughly 77% of customers will not purchase from a website without a live chat option.

–         More than 30% of customers expect the best chat support services


What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a web-oriented communication platform that enables you and your cyber guest to chat in real-time via an integrated chatbox. These live chat facilities can be operated internally as a part of your company or they may be outsourced live chat sales. Such chat options are usually found at the bottom right of a website, where you can respond to a query being sent your way by the visitor.

Live chat is rapid and offers a human touch

Oftentimes, when you call a business, there is a long process before you can finally speak to an agent. Secondly, if your problem isn’t resolved, you have to start right from the scratch. Live chat offers a faster solution. You wouldn’t have to wait for hours to get a callback. you would most likely find an online agent who can speak with you right as you text. Moreover, businesses can also go for AI- chatbots, who too offer very human-like interactions.

Customers find live chat supportive

People need quick assurances while buying a product. When you make a purchase, you might have some queries. One way to resolve them is by asking, however, the mode via which you ask may change the way a product is perceived. Say, you sent a mail and didn’t get a response for the whole weekend. Now, on Monday, there might not be any time to consider a purchase. Thus, you have moved on! With chatbots, you live chat options, you wouldn’t have to wait. In a second, there will be someone over there for your assistance. This is far more reassuring. 

Live Chat Boosts Sales

In a survey in 2009, studies show that live chat helped 37% of online sales. 70% of customers who used live chat outsourcing for sales said they were convinced enough to purchase from a website again.


The more personalized and prompt interaction your business offers with live chat, the stronger and loyal customer relationships you will build for the long run that generates revenue alongside.

Live chat collects fragmented customer data

Access to customer data is a huge advantage of live chat. If you integrate your data collection or CRM tool with your live chat software, your agents can maintain a record of customer purchases, categories, and other details, all at their fingertips. This enables sale efforts to be more reorganized and relevant that in turn leads to higher conversions.

Attract customers through proactive messaging

Not all customers that visit a website are shoppers. Some are just browsing. They are either not sure what they want to buy or they are hesitant to approach. A live chat expert can proactively engross customers, who are skeptical or confused regarding a product or an offer. A dedicated live chat outsourcing representative can lead and advise customers to the right products by effective queries, utilizing past purchase records, and triggering more leads and conversions.

Receive Positive Feedback Loops

You could use live chat for collecting valuable feedback. Customer satisfaction details and how likely a customer promotes your brand, Net Promoter Score can be tapped into using the conversations. Moreover, chat metrics, response time, duration of conversation and CTAs can showcase live chat’s success rates and expansion.

Six Practices to Amplify Chat Sales

You would find that most websites nowadays have a live chat icon. However, how many times do you interact? Be honest! Not often. Something is clearly amiss! Some of these live chats are too intrusive, they pop up or have an annoying sound effect right as you enter the website, making you want to shut the box away right off, without even giving it consideration. You are not to blame here. Most developers are not sure how to play and win this game aesthetically.

Now, when it comes to your own business, make sure you’re not making those very mistakes. Here are 6 ways guidelines to optimize your live chat for excellent conversion and engagements:

Strategic placement of live chat buttons

Customers should know where to click if they need help. Such buttons are placed either in the upper-right corner of each page or the bottom center. The help button should be visible and linked to a proper page for further guidance and help.

Get speed with automation –

Companies create automation programs to improve workforce and operational systems that in turn will boost their customer and employee engagement and experience. Along with proper automation, the company also has to ensure the right controls and governance.

Build conversation according to the customer –

Every customer is different. Your way of conversing with your customer will have a grand impact on your brand. The right approach, the way you convince and end the conversion with a cool mind will have a long-lasting effect on your brand and selling.

Be conscious of routing chats according to the agent

Routing chat options allow you to manage incoming chat requests and direct them to the agents. This helps you to know and make sure that your customers get the relevant and needed assistance they need. For example, a Spanish customer would be confident and comfortable with a Spanish-speaking agent and hence, conversation and conversion will both be improved.

Train your live chat agents

it’s important to be a good agent. Train your agents ensuring they have good product knowledge. Help your agents to know and understand how a live chat functions. You can enact mock chats to prepare your agents professionally. Ensure your agents have good communication and writing skills.

Observe progress and execute changes –

After good training does not just take things for granted and leave everything on your agents. Observing each and everything, how an agent speaks, what are the shortfalls, where things lack, why a customer leaves the chat soon, etc. If you can diagnose the lacking and shortages, you must initiate immediate changes and even a total revamp can give you the best results.

Work towards dedicated live chat outsourcing –

Work towards dedicated live chat outsourcing – Live chat customer services is the quickest and easiest way to support customers with their queries. If you have less staff and types of equipment, outsourcing your chat options reduces the burden and increases sales and higher customer satisfaction ratings.

Live Chat Outsourcing

Live chat outsourcing for sales is a technique that customers and sales teams use to outsource their website inquiries to a third party in real-time.

While live call support is essential for any strong customer service planning, live chat is an important keystone for a full-grown comprehensive sales and marketing strategy.

When was the last time you heard someone say, “Wow, that was quick! Glad to get a speedy response”. If you long to hear such comments, outsourcing live chat services to an industry guru like ExpertCallers is the way to go. We have over 12 years of experience in 50+ industries’ customer service. We understand that a business might need some help with its sales functions and our active chat agents are here to assist.

Parting Thoughts

Live chat is a ‘must have’ conversation tool for businesses. Where chats continue to grow, adoption rates will escalate. By adopting the power of live chat, you can increase sales and revenue, offer rapid customer support and deliver a better response to customers. Considering that live chat is one of the fastest and most reliable communication tools, why shouldn’t you be using and talking about it? If you are not using live chat, it’s high time to start!