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Customers’ expectations have changed over the years. And one of them is regarding live chat. Today, more than 40% of customers expect every business to have a live chat. 50% of customers who browse using their phone expect businesses to have live chat support services available. Experts have predicted the growth of live chat to grow at a rate of over 80% in the next two years. Moreover, over 40% of online buyers and customers prefer live chat support over other types of support according to various studies. 

To put it mildly, live chat is something your business must never ignore. But what is live chat support exactly? Live chat support is when a customer and support agent can have a conversation in real-time through the chat box option. The support agent can share additional information and links depending on the query of the customer. It is one of the best ways to engage customers and to answer questions that need an instant response. You can set up in-house live chat support by hiring chat support staff or you can outsource live chat

Why Is Live Chat Support Important?

While statistics might make you consider adding a live chat option on your website, here are the major reasons why live chat support must be implemented by your business. 

High Customer Satisfaction Rates

When your response time is low, it leads to a higher customer satisfaction rate. Customers hate waiting and that is why most use the live chat option. When you provide them with instant service and answer their questions clearly, their satisfaction levels will increase which means they will happily do business with you. You can ask for feedback after the query was resolved so you know how your business is doing and make improvements if you get negative feedback. 

Helps Overcome Objections

Let us say a potential customer is browsing through your website. While they are reading the FAQ section, they have a specific question. If you don’t have a live chat option available, they will most probably go to another website, maybe even your competitors. However, if you have a live chat option and you show them you are available to answer any questions, they can ask what they need to and get an immediate response. This enables you to overcome objections before they begin. 

Increase in Revenue

An Emarketer study found that over 60% of people said they will return to a business’s website if there is a live chat option available. When you provide live chat support services to your customers at the right time, they are more likely to convert. For example, providing information before purchase and providing after-sale support through live chat can enable your customers to think highly of you. And when they do, they are more likely to repeat buy and spread the good word about you.

Convenient for Customers

You make it convenient for customers to get their questions answered immediately. The chances are low that a customer will write down the questions and send an email to your business. Instead, when you integrate the live chat option on your website, your customer can easily speak to the chat support agent and get the help he needs instantly. This convenience can help you build a loyal customer base because they will perceive you as trustworthy and helpful. 

Why Should We Outsource Live Chat Support?

Let us go through the top benefits of outsourcing live chat support for your business. 

Easily Manage High Volume Requests

If you are a small business then you can manage requests and respond to your customers’ queries quickly. However, if you have many customers asking questions through live chat then it can become impossible to respond quickly to all without them leaving your website. When you outsource live chat to service providers like ExpertCallers, you can ensure all your customers get attended to.

Focus on Core Strengths

Regardless of the size of your business, managing more than one task is difficult and affects efficiency. Instead of asking your employees to provide live chat support along with their usual job responsibilities, you can outsource chat support. This frees up your resources and you can focus on the core strengths of your business while the provider can offer excellent chat support.


Live chat outsourcing is comparatively cheaper than setting up an in-house live chat support system. If you have in-house chat operators, you will need to recruit and train them. This can take time and money. Instead, outsourcing can ensure you get experts who are experienced in providing chat support and you don’t have to worry about hiring and training.  

Provide answers 24×7

Your customers might browse your website at 2 a.m. and expect to chat with a support agent. Outsourcing gives you the option of providing 24×7 chat support to your customers so you are always available to help them when needed. This can help increase loyalty and revenue because your customers will think positively about your business.

Saves Time 

When you outsource chat support services you can save time because you can focus on other aspects of your business. Chat support takes time. Although setting it up might not take as long, you want to ensure you provide incredible services. Outsourcing gives you that option and helps you manage time better.

Live chat support for business is essential in the age of the internet. However, setting up a customer support chat is easier said than done. Several vital components can make your enterprise thrive or flounder.

Effective Software

One of the most important things to invest in is effective software. Customers expect quick replies, so all chat programmes need to deliver messages in real-time without lagging.

The software agents use to access customer information, take payments and complete other tasks must also be top-tier. It doesn’t matter how fast your messaging programme is if representatives must wait for the company’s internal system to load.

Streamlined Processes

Do agents know how to perform the most common customer requests? If not, do they know where to find instructions to do so?

Daily processes eat up most of agents’ time, so they must be streamlined. The time representatives save with optimised mundane tasks can then go towards solving more complex problems.

Engaged Representatives

Live chat support operators need to have several skills:

  • Problem-solving
  • Empathy
  • Patience

Since they’re directly communicating with customers, they are essentially the company’s face, which can be stressful at times. However, representatives who stay engaged are more likely to create a good customer experience.

How can you ensure your agents are engaged? One step is to limit multitasking. For example, if representatives are responsible for helping people through the company website, don’t distract them with other responsibilities such as answering emails.

Adaptable Structures

New technology emerges all the time. As your competitors offer new features and options, your customers will expect you to do so, too. That’s why it’s crucial to build your chat services with the expectation of growth and change.

Can your business benefit from chat support process outsource services? Expert Callers is here to take over the stress of customer support so you can focus on delivering products and services. For more information, contact us online or call us at 1-877-374-0211.

How ExpertCallers Live Chat Support Service Can Help Your Business

Chat support outsourcing must be done with reliable providers who have experience in working in a diverse range of industries. At ExpertCallers, we have experienced agents who have worked in various industries including retail and e-commerce, telecommunications, and travel among others. We provide a range of live chat support services such as billing support, inbound customer service, telemarketing, chats for lead generation, follow-up support, order management, and products/services information services. ExpertCallers has over a decade of experience and ensures your customers always get a response and feel valued.

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise, there is no denying that chat support is vital for your success. You should outsource chat support to ExpertCallers if you want to save time, effort, and cut costs. It will be one of the best decisions for your businesses because you will witness your business’s growth.