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The count of outsourced call center service providers in North America alone stands to be at 5000. Add to this the figure of the number of outsourced call center service providers in the world and the figure, needless to say, would be staggering. Whittling down such a huge list to choose an ideal service provider can be a frustrating task, especially if you are not sure from where to start and what you’re looking for.

To help you close in on the best provider, we’ve outlined a list of selection criteria. The list will help you dig deeper than the surface-level marketing speak and find a reliable partner.

  1. Determine what your business needs

Carry out a thorough analysis and zero-in on the exact needs of your business. For instance, if you operate an online retail store, try to understand whether you need people who can answer calls or do you want people for email support, social media representation and provide live chat service? It is of paramount importance that you determine the kind of support you need at the earliest.

  1. Identify the strength of your prospective service provider

Do your research and try to identify how well the prospective service provider can operate around your business. For instance, if you’re expected to receive large volume of calls and inquiries, see to it that the service provider has the required infrastructure to handle such a huge volume of calls. Also check whether they also have the resources to provide reliable uptime and redundancy support. And last but not the least, inspect whether they have a well-crafted disaster recovery plan.

  1. Choose a service provider that offers seamless integration

Always choose a partner who can provide seamless integration with your existing tools and software. This is because a service provider that has the tools to integrate with your business’ CRM and social media platforms can save your time by manifolds and increase productivity.

  1. Determine the KPIs

Make sure the strategic business partnership establishes measurable metrics and KPIs early on in the relationship. If not, chose a different partner who can deliver results that is in-line with your expectation.

  1. Choose a strategic location

Location also plays an important role while choosing a reliable third party service provider. Depending on your budget and the nature of your business, you may opt to partner with an outsourced service provider that operates from locations such as US, India and Philippines.

  1. Discuss security measures put forth by the provider

Make it a point that the outsourced partner you choose employs stringent security measures that are in-line with the best practices in the industry. This way you can be sure that your proprietary data is protected from data theft, fraud, and other cyber-attacks.

  1. Know how much you will be charged

Before signing the contract have a clear picture of how much they are charging for each service. Make sure everything is transparent and check the price of everything, including the price per agent, price per call and price of using their software services.

Your outsourcing partner can make a big difference to your business goals, and so you need to tread carefully before you settle for one. ExpertCallers works as an extension of companies and provides unmatched benefits to them. Leading companies in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and India have utilized our multifaceted call center services streamline their operations and to stay connected with their customers 24X7. If you wish to achieve business growth and profitability along the lines of our clients contact us now.