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Are you facing frequent episodes of grainy CCTV footages, frequent lag in video streaming? If yes, then you should know that it is not necessarily the fault of the equipment. Chances are you are not doing something right while using the surveillance system. CCTV monitoring services doesn’t end with the installation of advanced and cutting-edge cameras. To get the most out of these services, you must consider a host of factors such as the environmental setting, getting a user-restricted surveillance room, adherence to legalities, and others. This might be the case that you have overlooked these factors that created issues in the CCTV surveillance system. All said and done CCTV cameras do not have human capabilities.

So, it can never apply human discretion to surveillance. Therefore, your expectations from CCTV monitoring service needs to be realistic. On this note, here’s looking at the top 7 mistakes committed by organizations while executing CCTV monitoring services.

The latest IHS Markit research report states that more than 1 billion surveillance cameras will be installed across the globe by 2021. 

Looking at the 7 Critical Mistakes that Derail CCTV Monitoring Services

CCTV monitoring services

The above statistics establishes the fact that surveillance cameras will be a spend driver for most of the organizations. Thereby it is essential to take heed of the critical mistakes that must be avoided to settle for satisfactory and effective CCTV monitoring services.

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Absence of a secure room for surveillance A security personnel is primarily responsible for monitoring CCTV footages. It’s too much to ask visitors to stay away from surveillance room On the other hand, failure to do so, can expose footages to unauthorized persons that defeats the entire purpose of CCTV monitoring services. It is essential to dedicate a secure room with access control. The room should have proper lighting and temperature controlled as the devices generate a certain amount of heat that will not only hamper the equipment but will also not affect the occupant.

Overlooking the environmental setting A CCTV camera does not have the human-like abilities to adjust in low-light conditions, extreme heat, or humidity. This is why instead of clear footages; you often get unclear silhouettes of moving objects or people. If the area that you choose to be surveyed is not adequately lit, you must invest in CCTV cameras with auto-iris capabilities. Similarly, CCTV cameras with sturdy storage media and cabling is preferred as these can resist extreme heat or humidity.

Improper adjustment based on areas of focus A CCTV camera will have its focus fixed only on a specific area. There can be instances where the angle of the camera will be agitated because of lots of factors, such as collision with flying objects or maintenance workers. Thereby, you must adjust the camera positioning on a continual basis to restore efficacy in CCTV monitoring services. In addition, you must constantly monitor the camera positioning to get rid of any blind spot. Even though pan-tilt-zoom cameras bring some sort of flexibility, but they still need to be controlled by the operator.

Separate IT infrastructure for CCTV monitoring services It is a costly proposition to establish a separate IT infrastructure for CCTV monitoring services. To top it, separate service and maintenance contracts invite additional management complexities. Ideally, you must collaborate with network service providers to set up an integrated cabling infrastructure and network design to support CCTV monitoring services. This results in significant cost optimization on CCTV total cost of ownership.

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Recent studies state that most of the organizations underestimate the TCO and ongoing operation expenses for CCTV monitoring services to over 100%. 

Improper cabling CCTV cameras have specific requirements when it comes to cabling system and power supply. All sorts of CCTV cameras such as indoor, high speed, wireless cameras require specific power cabling backed by a proper electrical installation. Each cable type is functional only over a certain stretch and require specific interoperation and connection system. Hence you must ensure getting the cabling requirement done according to the length and breadth of the area it will cover and should be properly installed.

Negligence in regulatory adherence Authorities have continuously debated about the surveillance of a person or a place because it is interpreted as an intrusion into someone’s personal space.

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According to an Axis and Genetec survey, only 15% of organizations claim to be adequately prepared to mitigate cybersecurity threats triggered by the usage of CCTV monitoring services. 

To address the privacy concerns as well as to allow surveillance system in motion, regulatory bodies have framed CCTV monitoring guidelines. Failure to abide by these guidelines has frequently invited costly litigations and a tainted reputation. If you are a stakeholder in an organization, you must let everybody know that they are being monitored. You must ensure archiving only those images and videos that have business purposes and keep the data readily available for the state wise regulatory authorities whenever asked.

Improper parameter settings- You must have observed how the images and videos streamed from one camera look grainy and warped while image content from the other camera looks just fine. One of the main reasons for such anomaly is the misalignment of the camera’s feature settings with field of view and nature of surroundings. Whenever in doubt, you must consult with your CCTV monitoring services providers to set parameters that are well aligned with camera’s features. It will result in capturing clear images of the areas they are focused on. The set of parameters are:

  • Field of view, details of images including recorded and live video quality.
  • CCTV cameras must be integrated with other security features including access control system, alarms, and motion detection systems.
  • Time taken and quality of storage.

To Conclude

Owning a CCTV camera is not just about purchasing the equipment and installing it. You must stay in constant touch with CCTV monitoring services providers to review the process flow, proper functioning of equipment, and to ensure a proper ROI. Knowing your business requirement, your surroundings is essential before you invest in CCTV equipment. Failing to do ensure this will turn into a costly mistake for a long run.

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Sufficient protective measures are paramount for any individual or business. Life and property are too precious to lose to carelessness. The right kind of CCTV monitoring system can help protect those things that matter most. 

Off Site CCTV Monitoring

One major advantage to CCTV monitoring systems is that they can be utilised by anyone, anywhere, and at any time, so long as you follow the proper legal regulations. On site CCTV systems require you to physically monitor the cameras from the location that the cameras are viewing. For some individuals or businesses, having or providing this personnel can be cumbersome and for others simply impossible. In these situations, an off site camera monitoring setup can be a great option.

Off site monitoring involves contracting a third-party company to watch the cameras and respond to any alerts on behalf of the owner of the CCTV devices. Off site monitoring can also include the ability for the CCTV owner to view footage or receive alerts remotely. Many individuals and organisations alike now have CCTV information sent to their home computers and even mobile phones. This allows for 24/7 viewing and response capabilities.

Centralized CCTV Monitoring System

Businesses and people who need to survey multiple locations at the same time or a massive facility to keep an eye on at all times might benefit the most from a centralised CCTV system. In a centralized system, the footage and alerts for every camera and location are sent to one place for simultaneous viewing ability. Centralised systems can be monitored on or off site. A professional CCTV monitoring agency, like ExpertCallers, utilises this kind of system to help take the hassle off of you and maintain your peace of mind.

CCTV systems of all kinds are a great way to keep you and your things safe and secure. all three systems can even be put together. Grouping on and off site systems with centralized professional monitoring may be the best combination of all. Call today to discuss the right CCTV options for you.

ExpertCallers specialize in offering cutting-edge surveillance monitoring services based on advanced video and two-way audio technology. Our solutions are highly customized to your business needs and your location aspects. We provide an end-to-end CCTV monitoring services support that starts from choosing the right equipment, installation support, maintenance, and surveillance. Our CCTV monitoring services are in strict conformance with all the pertinent regulatory standards.

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