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Security is of paramount importance when we talk about keeping your business and its assets safe. Imagine having put up a swanky office or warehouse, with all the ultra-modern infrastructure. However, one incident of robbery gives a setback to your business. As your property was not under surveillance, you are not sure who did it. Claiming insurance will not be a smooth ride as well.

CCTV Camera Monitoring

CCTV monitoring services are beneficial in such cases. However, merely installing the CCTV cameras is not enough. You need to have a team of skilled experts who can monitor your property 24×7. In this article, we explain the benefits of getting CCTV monitoring services for your property.

The importance of CCTV monitoring services

Most businesses are today turning to video surveillance of their properties. Besides preventing thefts and damages, you can also improve the efficiency of your staff by monitoring their activities. When you outsource the CCTV monitoring services, you can expect peace of mind. 

CCTV Cameras

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Eight benefits of CCTV monitoring services for your business

Video Surveillance

Here are some reasons why your business needs CCTV monitoring:

Cost savings

When you have an efficient CCTV surveillance system, there is no need for you to hire several security professionals. You will have to pay monthly salaries to your security professionals, which will be much higher than the one-time installation cost needed for CCTV systems. Your employees might also take certain days off, but the CCTVs will keep working 24×7 to monitor all the activities. There are no recurring expenses as well besides only minimal upkeep and maintenance expenses. So, the cost benefits are a clear reason to opt for CCTV monitoring services.

Video Surveillance

Prevent robberies

When you have effective CCTV cameras, you can easily prevent robberies. You can quickly track any breach in security measures when your property gets monitored 24×7. With clearly visible cameras in place, any robber will feel hesitant to commit robbery.

Prevent employee theft

As surprising as it may sound, most thefts from warehouses, stores, or supermarkets happen because of the employees working there. Without any monitoring of your property, you will never be in a position to accuse anyone. However, a sure way to catch someone and prevent further theft is by installing CCTV cameras. When your employees are aware of the fact that they are getting monitored, they will hesitate to steal anything and also work efficiently.

CCTV Camera Monitoring

Track employee activities

How will you know that your employees are spending their time on work-related activities or leisure? You can keep a track of their activities with CCTV cameras. If there are problematic areas, you can also rectify them and bring in efficiencies. If you are having too many or few employees, you can also understand the exact requirements by tracking the activities of your existing employees.

Pay less on insurance

One of the best ways to save on your insurance premiums is by getting CCTV monitoring services. When you deal with insurance service providers, they will also check the level of security your property has. With CCTV cameras in place, they will feel assured that your property has adequate security measures and is safe. It will reduce the liability factor of your business. So you can avoid costly insurance premiums by opting for a reliable surveillance system.

Make better insurance claims

When a robbery or any other damage to your property happens, you need to have solid evidence to claim the insurance amount. A lack of evidence can reduce your chances. With the help of CCTV recordings, you will come to know everything that happened at your property. You can use those recordings as evidence to claim the insurance money.

Avoid lawsuits

Lawsuits are undesirable and they can take up your significant resources like time and money. They are best avoided at all costs. You can have efficient monitoring services to steer yourself clear of such lawsuits. Nobody will be able to make absurd claims and demand money from you if your property remains monitored 24×7.

Make your employees feel protected

Your employees are the strength of your business and making them feel important and valued is essential. It will also help in promoting a safe working environment and you will come across as an employer that cares for the welfare of its employees. You can get CCTV cameras installed at all critical locations, including outdoors. It will be especially helpful during night hours for your female employees. This will help your employees feel much safe when they work for you.

Who We Are and What Makes Us the Best CCTV Monitoring Partner

If you are looking to hire a CCTV surveillance provider, look no further. ExpertCallers is a leading service provider of all things related to the security of a business. Our services cover businesses of all sizes around the world. We have state-of-the-art video and two-way audio technology that comply with the highest standards. We make efficient use of the IP technology have centralized management and integrate both onsite and offsite requirements. Our customized solutions will ensure you pay only for what you use, making us a reliable and cost-efficient service provider of CCTV monitoring services in India and worldwide.

Remote monitoring CCTV systems can be the answer if you are looking for a vigilant security system to keep an eye over your business wherever you go. Getting a CCTV installed around the workplace also reduces chances of misconduct and employee anxiety. With every nook and corner under inspection, a lone worker doesn’t have to sweat. ExpertCallers has high-definition and IP-enabled CCTV cameras, which act as your eyes when you’re not around. This is particularly helpful for those businesses which are involved with inventory management or warehousing chores.

We provide you with a 24/7 monitoring infrastructure that sends your reports and visuals real-time.

Besides, ExpertCallers enables you to position yourself as an active controller. We won’t just be your eyes, but also your hands. Our remote gate activation system puts you in control of your business and provides more efficiency for your inventory.

Use our access control services to visually verify and permit people in and out of your workspace and conduct business more smoothly. Not only will we do the seeing for you, we will also alarm you when there is a hint of danger.

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