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Providing proper customer service has always been a challenging job for any call center. While on the one hand, there is an imperative need to satisfy the customer, on the other, there is a pressing need to bring operations costs down. In this blog, we will talk about how to cut down on unwanted talks and reduce average handle time so that operations costs can be kept on check. This can best be achieved by following these steps-

Record Calls:

Recording calls can be beneficial for call center managers in two ways. One is it assists managers to listen to individual calls at a time that is most convenient to them. The other is it helps managers to zero-in on the issues that may be keeping agents away from handling more calls.

Train Agents:

One of the easiest ways to improve productivity at your contact center is by making sure that your agents are well-versed with handling different contact center systems that are in place. To ensure this you may have to carry out additional training sessions regarding how to use the various software that are used to handle calls, chats, emails, and texts. Managers may also have to barge into calls to identify areas where individual agents may be lagging. Once the problem is identified, managers can take the support of a comprehensive training program to set matters right.

Opt for Shorter Customer Greetings:

Every customer wants speedy resolution of issues and they appreciate agents who get to the point as soon as possible cutting short of needless talks. Hence make sure that your greetings are short, polite and helpful. You can also arm your agents with innovative solutions such as CRM software, which gives them quick access to customer data, including customer names and other critical insights. This saves time and helps you to get to the core of the issue in a timely manner.

Employ Call Routing:

Call routing allows you to avoid the transfers of call to multiple agents and helps you to quickly redirect calls to a particular agent who is most qualified to handle the issue.

Use Auto-Attendants and Voice Self-Service:

Not all situations demand the services of an agent. There are a few instances where the customers can easily help themselves. Offering auto-attendants and voice self-service in these situations will free up your agent and give them the time to handle more complex matters.

Categorize Call Types:

Customers need the services of a contact center for a variety of reasons. A few may wish to make a payment, which should not take a long time, while others may have a complaint, which can consume considerable amount of time. Categorizing these calls and assigning specific agents to carry out specific tasks can be very beneficial in reducing average handling time.

Implement the Right Technology:

As per experts, a call center can only be as efficient as the technology or software it uses. Hence make sure that you implement a solution that will allow your agents to thoroughly and efficiently handle customer issues.

If you follow these simple steps you can witness a substantial reduction in average handling time. Contact us for any assistance related to to inbound and outbound call center services.