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Inbound call center services help businesses build great relationships with their customers. They handle customer queries about the brand’s products and services. The agents receive and act on the customer complaints. The inbound call center agents also collect feedback on the company’s behalf. Sometimes, they even help their partner in sales building activities like upselling and cross selling products and services.

Advantages of Hiring Inbound Call Center Services

Many businesses big and small have outsourced their inbound call centers to BPOs. Doing it in-house is often more expensive and less-efficient. Let’s see the factors that make inbound call center outsourcing work.

Benefits of Inbound Call Center Services

1. Better Brand Reputation

Customer service is an important benchmark to decide whether a product is worth purchasing or not. Positive experiences not only turn a visitor into a customer. But it also motivates the happy customer to refer the brand to their friends and family.

When you outsource your inbound call center, you have the best resources. Be it people or technology. Established call center outsourcing companies have perfected their processes. This ensures that they address each and every customer complaint effectively and in an expedited manner.

Good Inbound call support means good brand reputation

2. Great Scalability

No two seasons are the same for businesses. For example, travel companies have more work cut out for them in the holiday season. That’s because most people are going on vacations. It makes little sense for these companies to have full-time employees on stand-by just to meet this high demand.

One of the USPs of inbound call centers services is their scalability.  They can easily expand their resources to meet your requirement. You are thus able to handle the peak workload, without having to invest in full-time employees and associated infrastructural costs.

3. Lower Operational Costs

Inbound call center services help companies to cut down their operational costs on many counts. First, most outsourced call center outsourcing companies are located in offshore destinations. The cost of labour in such destinations is lesser than in countries like the UK and USA.  Thus, you pay significantly less towards employee salaries, wages, benefits, etc.

Second, you also save a lot on infrastructural costs. Examples of such costs are office spaces, hardware assets, software components, security, etc.

4. Easier Customer Retention

A study by Forbes revealed that customer acquisition is 5 times more expensive than customer retention. This is why companies are pulling all stops to ensure customer satisfaction is high.

Inbound call center services help to improve customer retention in two ways. The first and obvious one, is they resolve all the issues swiftly with the help of experienced agents. Second, by outsourcing you free up your resources to focus on offering better brand value to existing customers.

According to a Zendesk survey says that around 50% people would switch brands after one bad experience.

5. No Need for Training

Training new staff takes time, money, and other resources. When you outsource inbound call center services, you are free from this hassle. It is the responsibility of your inbound call center partner to provide training to the staff.


There is no doubting the fact that the benefits of partnering with an inbound call center services provider are tremendous. But the wrong kind of partner will do you more harm than good. This is why you must consider key parameters while entering into a partnership with a service provider. Some of the key parameters include alignment with your business, expertise in your business line, 24/7 support, multilingual support, among others.