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Putting the right tools and strategies for customer service in the hands of agents is an excellent method to guarantee increased customer satisfaction. Often however these tools and strategies are much more than just implementing a software or providing specific training and improving skills of the agents. As customer service enters new territories in current times, we’ve outlined the top five strategies that deliver the best results and returns on investment via use of technology.

Setting up an Online Community

Creating an online community for a brand, a popular product or a company helps improve the overall customer experience. It also allows customer service staff to get feedback directly from customers and solve their issues on the fly. In an online community, fellow customers prove to be major problem solvers, engage with others, and share how they enjoy a product.  Using software to put a customized online community into place or opting for a social media site is the way to put this tool to good use.

Putting in Place a Quick Response Online Chat Process

Responding to a customer query or request for help within the shortest possible time delivers the most use to a customer. Putting a quick customer response process into place within a store is not enough and needs to extend to a website. On a website a chat process that allows customers to get immediate answers to questions, or a problem with a product, ensures that they feel cared for and prevent disgruntled ones from engaging a competitor.

Providing Automatic Call Back to Customers

Providing customers with the ability to choose an automatic callback allows them to reserve their place in a queue that is long. After they hang up agents will be prompted to automatically call back the customers and provide them timely and efficient customer service.

Providing a Site for Self-service

Put a self-service site into place for customers and you will be able to appeal to those who have the skills and time to find the answers to their own problems.  Such a site however needs to be built, maintained and updated continually with questions and answers that are relevant to brands and products.  Making the self-service site mobile friendly also ensures that those on smartphones and tablets can use it with minimal effort and have a good customer experience.

Having a Dedicated Mobile App for Customer Service

Offer a free mobile app for customers and most will jump onboard to experience the benefits. Customer service delivered through a mobile app can however be riddled with pitfalls and here care should be taken to provide an excellent offering. Mobile apps also have to be updated regularly, and bugs need to be fixed on the go to ensure that customers who spend time on it can find what they need within minutes. Additionally, with more than 4 in 5 consumers employing their smartphone or a similar mobile device to shop, providing them with customer support without making them call an agent within a call center is an ideal option and is preferred by over 50% of customers.

Finding the right tools to deliver customer support is not rocket science if you have the right provider, such as us, to steer you through the process. We have years of experience providing in-house call centers with the right mix of tools to meet their needs. Contact us and we will help develop a unique solution that works for your call center.