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Inbound call centers are instrumental in helping business grow and establish a better brand name for themselves. It’s a platform where you can listen to the issues your customers have with your product or service and provide a prompt resolution. But their function isn’t restricted to troubleshooting. You can also use inbound call center solutions to sell new products or upgrades or share valuable information with your customer.

Inbound call center services are a sure-fire way to ensure that your customers are getting quality support. This is due to factors more than one, and are enlisted below:

  1. They have the best-trained and most customer-friendly agents, who have dedicated many years of their life to customer-service.
  2. Their technology is world-class. Trying to implement the same in your company may not prove to be very cost-effective.
  3. They streamline the call flow when there is an overflow of calls by keeping trained resources ready.

5 Inbound Call Center Services Important for Your Business

· Virtual Receptionist Services

Virtual receptionists denote a remote team dedicated to answer queries from your existing and prospective customers. It is one of the most useful inbound call center services that small to mid-size businesses can use, as it enables them to provide swift, efficient, and easily accessible customer services, without making big investments.

Some of the benefits associated with virtual receptionist services are:

  • Access experienced and a dedicated team without having to go into the trouble of hiring, training, and maintaining them.
  • 24×7 availability due to time zone advantage.
  • Being able to provide omnichannel support (email, chat, call, text)
  • A streamlined approach to answering queries to make sure no query goes unanswered.

Inbound Call Center Services

· Upselling And Cross-Selling Services

Businesses across the world are investing more money in cross-selling and up-selling products to their existing customers. It helps them generate more revenue and at the same time helps them more value for their customers.

Did you know that the cost of a new customer acquisition is between 5-25% more than retaining existing one?

Most inbound call center service providers offer upselling and cross-selling services. Hiring them makes sense because:

  1. Inbound call center companies have perfected the art of cross-selling and upselling products and services for their client company. They therefore do it in the most professional manner and have the best scripts.
  2. When your clients interact with the inbound call center agents about any issue, the agents has the natural ability to identify the clients who they can cross or up-sell products to.

Upselling and cross selling

· Product Information Request Service

Businesses often have future customers calling them to ask about their product or a service. To make sure that these customers end up buying the products, you have to be prepared to answer the questions about the product. This may be difficult, especially if your product is of a technical nature.

However, if you partner with an offshore company that offers inbound call center services, you stand a better chance of convincing the customer to buy your product/service. This is because:

  1. They will train the agents on the specifications of your product. This will help them pass the right message about your product to their client.
  2. They have a very well-defined product information request process, which ensures excellent result.

· 800 Call Answering Services

There is no better way to make a business more accessible to its clients than a toll-free customer service numbers.  While it may not be very difficult for you to obtain a 800 number, but providing efficient 24×7 customer service is always a challenge.

An inbound call center services provider is best poised to answer all the calls to your toll-free number because:

  1. They will ensure that the calls get routed to the right department and the right person. This minimizes customer frustration.
  2. They will be able to provide customer service in multiple languages such as Chinese, French, Spanish depending on your need.
  3. They leverage call monitoring to continually improve their processes.

· Order Taking Services

The process of placing an order has to be a seamless experience for your customer. Else, there is a risk of your customer feeling frustrated with the process and quit purchasing your product/ service.

Letting a trusted inbound call center services provider take up the responsibility of taking orders has the following benefits:

  1. They keep your customers updated on the status of the order.
  2. They answer all the queries about the product.
  3. When the customers place the orders, the agents enter all the details in the CRM.
  4. They help out in returns processing, tech support, and other post sale functions.

How Do We Assist You With Our Inbound Call Center Services

Our inbound call center solutions are well known across the globe for providing quality customer services.  We focus on making sure that your customer doesn’t have wait long to get an issue resolved. This is why our average speed to answer is the best in the industry.

We leverage the best of technology such as advanced voice and data communications systems ensure that your customer receives top-notch services. Our professionals regularly and periodically update. them This makes sure that we keep up with the emerging trends in the market.

The agents we hire are the best in the industry.  They have many years of experience and also undergo rigorous training before they represent your brand. This ensures a smooth communication between your brand and your customers.

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as An Industry Authority?

This article is penned by the authors at ExpertCallers. We vast experience in delivering inbound call center services to companies of all sizes across the world. Our delivery centers are spread across the globe in India, Philippines, Columbia, Argentina and Bolivia.

We also provide outbound call center services, telemarketing services, email support and chat support.