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Did you know that 93% of your customers will again spend on your business if you provide good customer service?

This means businesses have to focus on delivering quality customer service every time a customer rings them up to talk about an issue they are facing with your product or service.

While you would think it’s only the big or the IT companies that need Inbound call center services you couldn’t be further from the truth. Businesses of all sizes and types benefit from them. This is because it is a more cost-efficient way of serving their customers than doing it through an in-house team. Also, call center companies have unmatched expertise when it comes to handling disgruntled customers.

5 Businesses that Need Inbound Call Cener Services

1) Real Estate Business

Real estate businesses get several calls in day. Not having a dedicated team to handle the calls can result in several missed opportunities for your business. Inbound call center services assist real estate business to become customer centric and increase their customer base. It will take care of core tasks like receive offers from clients and answering the queries about listings.

Inbound call center services help real estate businesses keep their customer more satisfied

2) Transportation Businesses

Travel and transportation business are one the busiest businesses, as there is hardly any of us who haven’t taken a flight or a bus or a cab to go to one place or the other. This means at any point of given time a plenty of people are trying to get in touch with your business.

Inbound call center services help transportation companies to seamlessly manage all their incoming calls. The agents will provide the right answers to the customers and at the same time assist them do reservations, cancel bookings, and so on.

Inbound call centers help transportations companies deal with all customer calls seamlessly.

3) Ecommerce Companies

Ecommerce companies operate in a very competitive environment. It is thus needless, to say that they have to provide exceptional customer service to stay ahead of their rival businesses.

Inbound call center services are integral to the success of ecommerce companies. They assist in handling all customer calls efficiently, no matter how high the volume is. Additionally, all call center outsourcing companies provide omni channel support. This means that your customers will be able to choose the medium of communication, whether phone, email, or chat as per their convenience.

Things Inbound call centers can do for retail companies.

4) Telecommunication Companies

Telecommunication businesses like those selling cell phone, broadband internet, satellite TV, etc are inundated with calls from their customers. Some ring in to register a complaint about their services, while others might want to sign-up or cancel their subscriptions.

Inbound call center services can easily handle the calls with their 24×7 services. This will allow the telecommunication companies to focus on their core tasks such as adding more customers, introducing latest technology, handling security concerns etc.

5) Educational Businesses

It may seem that the educational institutions do not require any assistance in handling customer calls. But come admission season, they have several candidates trying to get in touch with queries regarding course schedules, fee structures, admission protocols and so on.

Inbound call center services work out great for educational institutions, as they are scalable. This means in the peak season the institutions can turn to BPOs to provide more staff to cater to the increased demand. Thus, they do not have to invest any fixed amounts to meet the call surge.

How Do We Help You with Our Inbound Call Center Services

We are a leading provider of inbound call center services to businesses across the world. We are ahead of other companies providing similar services due to our customer centric approach, that ensures that all your customer receive a white glove treatment from our agents.

The agents we hire are among the best in the industry. They have several years of experience in customer care. Additionally, we put them through rigorous training sessions, to ensure that they are prepared for any question from your customer.

Resolving issues in the first call itself promotes customer loyalty. We try our best to that and our First Call resolution rate is 80%. We are also pleased to let you know that our customer satisfaction rate is over 85%.

Technology is our strength. We have the most advanced voice and data communication systems in the industry. Our technical experts make sure that they are always up-to date.

Our inbound call centers are spread across five countries, viz, India, Philippines, Argentina, Columbia, and Bolivia. This allows us to provide 24*7 support to our clients.

Who we Are and What Makes Us Industry Experts

This article is authored by the experts at Expert Callers. Other delivering inbound call center services, we also provide outbound call center services, outbound call center support, customer support, email support, chat support, tech support, etc.

We have experienced in serving several industries like real estate, education, retail, oil and gas, banking and financial services, education, health care, etc.