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Businesses today have the challenge of catering to an impatient generation. People’s attitude towards businesses has changed. They aren’t okay with waiting on long queues at supermarkets. Hence, they simply choose to buy stuff online.

This demand for instant response makes it essential for customer care to adapt and evolve. Inbound call centers have to do it sooner than other departments, because of two reasons. First, people are busy and do not want to endure long holds before being able to talk to an agent. Second, Gen y and Gen Z prefer using the text option to solve their problems, rather than talk to human agents.

How will your inbound call center shape up to evolving consumer needs? Read on to find actionable tips that will help you make the leap and never go out of relevance.

4 Expert Tips to Build a New Age Inbound Call Center

1. Ensure Your Customers Do Not Have to Repeat Their Details and Query Every Time There Is a Call Transfer

The customer hates repeating who they are and what their concern every time the call passes on from one agent to the other. It makes many customers drop off the call and swear off the brand. Inbound call centers cannot afford that. So do how do you change your process to minimize if not eliminate customers having to repeat themselves over and over?

First thing, make sure that your agent can view the customer’s data on their screen. This feature goes by the name Screen Pop and most CRMs have it. It collates customer data along with other available information, such as their open complaints and displays it to your agent.

SAP CRM Sales Pop
SAP CRM Sales Pop

Next, tweak your call transfer process. Your agent should describe the customer concern in brief before they hand-off the call. This way your customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

Hence, your customers are less likely to stray away from your brand. Your agents too don’t have to take the stress of dealing with an angry customer.

2. Follow-Up On the Negative Reviews Your Inbound Call Center Receives

You can take the route that most inbound contact centers do. They just use the feedback a customer leaves at the end of the call to improve processes.

But is that enough?  No! You should also reach out to the aggrieved customer and solve his/her problem.

This step will obviously take your customer satisfaction to the next level. Now comes the question, how do you implement it?

One way is to connect the system that records your feedback or customer complaints to your autodial system. You can then put in place an automated process. This will simplify the process through which your agents can contact customers who leave a negative review.

How our pro-active approach to negative reviews helped our client clock in more sales
How our pro-active approach to negative reviews helped our client clock in more sales.

3. Route Calls on the Basis of Data

How fantastic it would be if your customer could connect with the right agent in the first go? You save both your time and your customer’s time.

You have a lot of accumulated customer data. This includes their language preferences, recent complaints, and purchases, etc. You can use all such data to into your call routing, before asking questions on IVR.

This is where CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) comes in. This technology enables easy interaction between your computer and your telephone system.

It will enable your inbound call center to adopt a data driven call routing system. Your customers will be able to talk to the right agent in the first attempt.

Benefits of automated call routing
Benefits of automated call routing

4. Survey Your Staff Along with Your Customer

Your agents know the pulse of your customers.  They have their ears to the ground! This makes them your most valuable pool of information. The best part is it’s for free, So how do you go about putting together a survey that will present a true picture?

  • Ask only those questions that will give you customer insights.
  • Give your staff the choice to answer the questions. (Mandatory surveys often elicit negative information.)
  • Ensure that you can act on the feedback. If there is something that you can’t change, better not include that topic in the questions.

How Do We Assist You with Our Inbound Call Center Services

Our inbound call center solutions help companies serve their customers better. We make sure that your customer spends minimal time in trying to get their issues solved. Hence, our average speed to answer is among the highest in the industry.

We have an integrated CRM and feedback system. This allows the agent to be on the top of your customer issues. Your customers thus do not have repeat anything whenever the call goes to a new agent.

As one of the premier inbound call center companies, we have helped many brands address negative reviews from their customers. Our well-trained agent reached out to the customers and sorted out their issues with great efficiency.

Our inbound call center solutions, has in place time-tested and skill-based routing protocols. It ensures that your customer connects with the correct agent right at the beginning. This makes way for a speedy resolution.

Being an employee centric call center provider, we regularly survey our agents. Their feedback allows us to improve our processes and our service to your customers.

Who Are We and Why Are We Considered as an Industry Authority?

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