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Do you aspire to deliver exceptional customer service that knocks the air out of your competition? Then don’t leave anything for chance. Make the focus on providing great customer service a norm, an expectation of your company, rather than an exception. And avoid getting into bad habits such the ones mentioned below that will hamper customer experience.

1. Ignoring Customer Feedback

How will you feel when a well-constructed feedback of yours is discarded by someone like it meant nothing to them? Won’t you feel completely dejected? Well so do your customers. Everyone wants their voice to be heard and their opinions to be valued. And unless you make them feel that way by giving due diligence to every feedback from the customer end, chances of being successful in the realm of customer support is very slim.

2. Practicing tiered support

Tiered support made sense when customers used to contact call centers for nearly every need. It also worked perfectly fine when they were using the same channel to communicate. Presently, callers neither have the time nor the patient for being transferred from one rep to another. Also they do not just use one channel to communicate. What you need to succeed in the present situation is a more collaborative model of support.

3. Scripting responses

Scripted responses sound robotic and reflect, ‘I have been told to say this and I’m going to say it’ attitude, which is not welcomed by the customers. What customers are looking for is more personalized touch and you can reap significant benefits if you manage to provide that. In fact as per recent survey, over two-thirds of the customers respond positively whenever the agent gets away from the script and adds a bit of personal touch, which can be a win-win situation for your business.

4. Patching technology

In a bid to provide omni-channel support, a majority of contact centers are just focusing on diversifying their support channels. What they are failing to understand is that true omni-channel support can only be provided when all the tools and systems behind these response channels are not completely integrated. And unless you manage to do that there will be no respite for your business.

Remember good customer service means happy customers, and this in turn translates into repeat business and barrel loads of money in your pocket. Hence make sure that you avoid the above mentioned blunders and concentrate on improving your customer support.