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You have a service issue, hence dial a 1-800 number and reach an IVR system. You complete the identification process by providing your name, account number, and type in the last four digits of your Social Security number. Finally you hope that you will be connected to the rep and this is where your ordeal begins. You keep on waiting till your patience runs out and are forced to disconnect the call. Like you, most call center customers are forced to wait endlessly to resolve their issues. And that’s precisely why call centers the world over are registering falling customer satisfaction, higher call abandonment, lower first-call resolution and reduced customer retention rates.

In spite of these unwanted developments, call centers aren’t doing enough do curb the issue? In fact they have to pay even when customers are made to wait over the phone. Increasing the headcount for handing peak traffic is not an effective solution as it can generate severe scheduling dilemma and lead to needless increase in expenses.

So what is the way out? The answer to this question lies in an outside-the-box solution called “call back” or “virtual hold” service, which both consumers and call center managers can appreciate. With this service, customers no longer have to wait, nor does the contact centers need to maintain a huge team to handle the large volume of calls.

Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits of this service in detail-

Decreased Call Abandonment Rate

Long holding time invariably translates into increased abandoned call rate, lower first-call resolution rate, higher repeat calls rate, and ultimately makes your customers look for better alternatives.

However the scenario changes drastically with the introduction of call back service. They no longer have to hastily disconnect the calls or think about moving to an alternate service provider due to extended waiting periods. All they have to do is place a request for a call back and go about doing their daily business, while waiting for an agent to respond to their request.

Zero Loss of Leads

Call back service allow agents to handle every lead that comes their way without any fuss. Whenever the caller requests a call back, all the information regarding the customer will be recorded and forwarded to the agent, who then contacts the lead as soon as he is free. This way call center agents will never lose a potential customer again, even when they are too busy and couldn’t answer the call in time or lost contact information.

Improved Agent Productivity

Previously agents had to do a lot of research to get their hands upon customer’s data and other relevant information. However, with call back service this process is more streamlined. Upon receiving a call back request from a customer, the agent will have access to all of the caller’s information on his screen and he can connect with the customer with a simple click. This process saves a significant time and effort with regards to the agents, making them more productive.

Shorter Handle Times

Customers who opt for call back service tend to be more happy and approachable as they don’t have to wait on hold. Also, upon receiving a call back request, call centers can assign the most appropriate and skilled agent to handle the call, which makes the conversation even more pleasant. Combine both these factors and you’ll have a perfect recipe to shorten handle time and boost your agent’s morale along with efficiency.

Higher First-Call Resolution

As mentioned above, whenever a customer places a request for call back, all the relevant information related to him will be captured and sent to the agents. This allows agents to better prepare themselves and get acquainted with every minute details of the customer before making the call. This allows them to pace themselves to resolve the customer’s issue in a single go.

Reduced Cost

Long holding time translates into higher toll charges, which in turn increases the cost for businesses by a substantial margin. However, by implementing call back service, you can completely eliminate this possibility and save a significant amount of telecom cost for your contact center business.

Higher Customer Retention

Thanks to the call back service, customers no longer have to lose their cool waiting in the queue. This directly translates into more satisfied customers who will stick to your brand.

The Bottom-line

At a time when over 60 percent of consumers feel that even a single minute of hold time is too much, don’t take any chance and face the wrath of angry customers. Be wise, implement a call back service and reap in the benefits of shorter handle times, higher first-call resolution, decreased call abandonment rate, improved agent productivity and many more – all the expense of a few dollars.