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Did you know most sales reps have to make 6 to 8 calls before they can close in on a deal and before they can say a lead became a client? Now, that’s  a lot of effort! This eats into the productive time of your sales crew, and for this purpose, you have to set up an outbound call center. This department looks into outbound calling strategy, wherein the purpose isn’t just to market and sell but also to engage with customers. However, that is easier said than done!

No two leads are the same. In a survey conducted by the RAIN group, it was found that 71% of prospects only like to receive calls when they have already made up their minds about it. What this means is that for an outbound call center lead generation process, you have to work really hard.

Whenever an outbound contact center agent picks up the phone and initiates a call, 98 out of 100 times he fails to make any impression whatsoever, which is not acceptable. But the good news is that there are certain ways in which you can improve these numbers. This blog is dedicated to uncovering those outbound call center best practices that will help you strike gold.

Here are some outbound call center tips which might help you boost your numbers:

1. Utilize No Pause, Predictive Dialers:

People might plan to make more calls in a bid to increase sales. However, this strategy won’t bear any fruit if they are using legacy outbound dialers with tell-tale, two second pause. This is because, the awkward two second delay caused by these dialers often end up irking the customer. A better approach will be to use a no pause, predictive dialers. These new age dialers make sure that the agents are connected before the customer answers, which automatically increases the chances of beginning the call on a positive note.

2. Integrate Your Dialer and CRM:

One of the easiest ways to increase the efficiency of your outbound call center is to integrate your dialer and CRM. By doing so you’ll create a bi-directional, up-to-date, closed loop system wherein you’ll be getting access to a single source of truth about each customer.

3. Concentrating on Providing More Useful Information to Customers:

What is your primary goal with regards to outbound calls? Is it pitching products or giving useful information to the customers? Successful contact centers are taking the second approach and you should also be doing the same by proactively contacting customers. You can also opt to take this a step further by embracing omni-channel approach and giving valuable information to the customer via text, email and social media channels.

Use these tips to take your outbound call center to the next level.

However, ExpertCallers understands that it may not be in your time or power to look after this department vigilantly, and believe us, vigilance it needs! This is why, trust an industry leader from the past decade to do the job for you.  We are one of the leading lights in the industry with comprehensive experience in handling a wide variety of outbound call center services. Our panel of experts are well trained to alleviate your consumers’ grievances and listen to them first rather than hog the phone space by just pitching sales.  We draw on this empathy and experience to provide you with highly specialized and streamlined outbound services that will bring you the best return on your investment.

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