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Inbound Call Center

An inbound call center is a setup whereby customers call and find out more about what they are interested in. For example, let us say a business has launched a software tool. An inbound call center is responsible for taking calls from customers who may have a query. Generally, existing customers or new customers who are interested in the products and services offered by a business call an inbound call center. The services offered by an inbound call center include payment processing, order processing, technical support, upgrade-related queries, and product support. A business can choose to outsource inbound call center services or set up an in-house call center depending on its resources. 

Inbound Call Center Vs Outbound Call Center: Concepts Defined

Inbound call center solutions differ from those of an outbound call center. An outbound call center is one where representatives make calls to potential customers. Outbound calls can help a business understand the needs of their prospective customer. For instance, businesses can learn about the solutions currently used by their target customers and what they like and dislike about those products. Depending on the responses, the business can make changes accordingly to ensure they are addressing the pain points effectively. Some of the outbound call center services include telemarketing, lead generation, setting appointments, and telesales.

Debunking Some Myths Related To Inbound Call Centers

inbound call center services for your business

Myths about inbound call centers have been floating around for far too long. Let us put some of the most common misconceptions to rest. 

Myth 1: People don’t call anymore

One of the biggest myths is that call centers aren’t worth the investment whether you are setting up in-house or opting to outsource inbound call center services. This isn’t true because according to a Forrester study, 59% of customers prefer calling and speaking to a call center representative rather than use other forms of communication to get in touch with your business.

Myth 2: Outsourcing inbound call center services is risky

Outsourcing can be highly beneficial provided you have done thorough research to find the right fit for your business. Outsourcing can do more good in this case because agents can handle calls. Even if there are more than usual or less than usual calls, they will be efficiently managed by the outsourced inbound call center.

Myth 3: Unhappy customers will connect again

Having an inbound call center doesn’t necessitate your unhappy customers will connect to your business again. Inbound call center aims to provide customer satisfaction and it is a learning opportunity if your unhappy customers call you. However, if you continue to give them a bad experience then they won’t wait long before switching to another business. With service providers like ExpertCallers, the agents are proactive to keep the customers happy and coming back.

Myth 4: People use it to only complain

This is partially true because people call when they need a solution for some problem or want to learn more about your product or service. But it isn’t limited to that. An inbound call center enables you to make positive connections with your customers and to provide them with what they need. If people complain then it is a golden opportunity for you to improve and cater better to your customers. 

Benefits Of Inbound Call Centers For Your Business

Inbound call centers can be a boon to your business. Here’s why you should consider them.

Customer satisfaction

Your business will run and flourish only when your customers are satisfied with what you offer and how you deal with their problems. When you have an inbound call center, you can answer all the questions your customers have. This can help them connect to your business better and help increase customer satisfaction. This can help them stay loyal to your business and increases the likelihood that they will recommend your business to others. This can help you retain your customers. 

Dedicated team 

When you have an inbound call center, you will have a dedicated team of people who will answer your customers’ questions. This can help lessen the strain on your employees who can then in turn work productively in what they do best. This can help you utilize the resources of your business optimally. This is especially true when you outsource inbound call center services because then you won’t need to train, invest in equipment and technology to serve your customers in the best way possible. 

Helps businesses grow

When your customers call to inquire about a product, call center representatives can cross-sell and upsell. When they successfully do that, it can help your business generate revenue which in turn can help your business grow. A positive experience with your business’s call center representatives can help your customers remain loyal and trust you for their future purchases. An inbound call center takes a customer-focused approach which ensures your customer is at the center of everything. 

Cost savings

Mistakes can become costly especially when your customer’s pain points are not understood.  When you have an inbound call center, you can save in various ways. You will need to invest in technology, equipment, and training if you are setting up an in-house inbound center. But if you outsource inbound call center services then you can save on all these costs while providing your customers with top-notch customer service. 

Helps improve business

When your customers call you, it enables you to better understand their needs and requirements. As they are the ones calling, they will call about something they are interested in or something they are having trouble with. Based on what they say you have the ability to improve your business accordingly. Having a dedicated inbound call center helps you re-focus on your customer’s needs to ensure you are providing services that are of value to your customers.

How ExpertCallers’ Inbound Call Center Can Help Your Business

You can get the most out of an inbound call center when you choose the right inbound call center service provider. If you are contemplating inbound call center outsourcing for your business then ExpertCallers is an excellent solution to consider. We have over 12 years of expertise in the domain and continue to provide a plethora of services to businesses of all sizes. We focus on providing customer-centric services so every time your customers speak to our agents, they do so with confidence and get value. Our professional agents have been rigorously trained to ensure they can manage all types of inbound calls. 

Inbound call services can make or break your business. When you focus on providing customer-focused call services, nothing can stop your business from growing because you show your customers that you care about them. When your customers feel valued and they feel like you are listening to their concerns, they will more likely stay loyal and help your business do better by telling others about your business. An inbound call center like ExpertCallers can help you and your customers win so don’t let this chance go out of your hands.