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People are often criticized for having their head in the clouds, but when it comes to your contact center, this is literally the best place to be in. In fact over 77% of on-premise contact centers have embraced this fact and they have either started using cloud or evaluating making a transitioning to it. For the rest 23% that have not yet showed any sign of falling in line, here are some of the benefits that they will be missing by staying away from cloud-

1. Provide Better Customer Experience

Today’s millennial generation want your agents to be available at all time, across every channel and provide quick resolution to each of their queries. The moment your agents are not up to the mark in meeting any of these requirements, the chances of you retaining the customers will be very thin. And this is where cloud technology can be very beneficial for your contact center.

Cloud allows you to switch between the channels during interaction. Depending on the choice and preference of the customer, it allows your agents to shift their conversation from phone to e-mail to chat without any issues. Also, cloud provides a consolidated view of all of the information from diverse resources in one platform. This means that rather than searching for information, your agents can concentrate on resolving the issues in a timely manner, which is bound to have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and retention rates.

2. Reduce Capital Expenditure

You just need a good internet connection and a dedicated phone line to run a cloud hosted contact center. In contrast, hardwired call center that requires solid infrastructure can be a lot heavier on your pocket.

Moreover, cloud based call center gives you the flexibility to choose a pricing plan based on the call volume and other requirements. Also it will give you more avenues to reconsider your expenditure and pay only for a service that is needed.

3. Incorporate Better Safety and Security Features

Economists say that any contact center that differs from adopting cloud technology will face grave survival crisis. The reason for this is really simple. Protection of personal data is crucial today. And any business that stores crucial data on employees’ devices put clients’ data in danger. Also opting to have your own data centers is not a cost effective solution.

However, call centers that embrace cloud technology are in a much easier state as their client data will be stored in a central, hermetically closed, safe and secure data park.

Another benefit of cloud is the protection against localized catastrophes. Traditional call centers can be shut down by a local blackout or a phone/power cable cut, not to mention unfortunate natural phenomena. On the contrary, cloud based contact center will not face any such inconvenience.

4. Increase Your Flexibility and Scalability

Cloud based contact centers are head and shoulders above hardwired ones with regards to these two attributes. This is because cloud based call centers are location independent, which means that agents can work from anywhere in the world. Leveraging this advantage you can distribute the workload and cover the peak times of different continents. Traditional call centers will not give you this flexibility. Crippled by ever increasing hold time and call abandonment rates these contact centers will be sluggish and less efficient in their operations during peak time. Same is the case with scalability.

5. Get Access to Latest Technology

Cloud can help you keep pace with rapidly evolving technology trends in a way that on-premises systems cannot. It can give you access to latest technologies that can never be offered through a legacy system such as mobile number screening and dynamic number presentation to give significant edge to your business.

Think Ahead

At a time when increasing number of customers are opting to take the help of agents to complete their transaction processes as well as take their final decisions regarding the purchase of a product or service, relying on legacy call center systems won’t help you to meet the demands and make the cut. What you need to meet the growing demands is an equally efficient and robust platform such as the cloud that can give you an edge in the industry.