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Outbound call center managers do everything within their prowess to improve the productivity of their operations. They come up with innovative ways to engage with their workforce, incorporate cutting-edge technologies to make the job of their employees easy, introduce new programs that incentivize top performers, and many more, just to keep the morale of their employees up and boost their productivity levels. But in spite of their best efforts they are still counted among the worst performing entities, especially with regards to productivity. So what are the factors that are contributing to this plight of outbound contact centers? Experts say that it because of the malpractices that have crept into their operation over time and this blog is dedicated to uncovering some of these derelictions.

1. The practice of inconsistent call monitoring

Due to inconsistent call monitoring procedures put forward by outbound call centers many a times agents’ who violate the standard operating procedure many not be caught. This can sometimes take away the sense of accountability with regards to the agents, which in most cases will have a direct impact on the productivity of these call centers. Hence make it a point that you implement a consistent call monitoring process, which ensures that agents don’t deviate from the ideal course of action. With this regards, you can also take the assistance of modern call center software with automated quality assurance features, which monitors compliance, and provides fair and balanced call monitoring for all agents.

2. The practice of not following-up on calls

One of the easiest ways to improve the productivity of your outbound call center is by making sure that agents follow up with genuine leads who have expressed interest in your product or service. Failure to do so, will results in lost business and drive potential customers away to your competitors. Hence think proactively and make certain that all leads are constantly followed up. By doing so you’ll also be able to build trust, create goodwill, and head off any possible issues with your customers, which is an added bonus.

3. The practice of overlooking employee satisfaction

The productivity of your outbound contact center can take a huge hit, when you overlook employee satisfaction. Yes, being a professional in this field can be rewarding and exciting, but it also has its own set of drawbacks that can snap the life out of these professionals.

The unending toil of sitting shoulder-to-shoulder in a cramped cubicle farm and the stress of conversing with customers who range from clueless to irate and everything in-between, are a few examples of this. Hence it is essential for you to engage with them and keep their morale up. You can try to send written and verbal compliments or you can use monetary incentives to ensure that they feel appreciated and remain loyal. Also try to identify when an agent feels distressed and implement positive reinforcements to rectify the situation.


Maintaining the productivity of your outbound call center can be a see-saw battle between improving the efficiency of agents with cutting edge technology and keeping them motivated and happy using out-of-the-box approaches. If you fail to do either, chances are that your organization will be in the doldrums with regards to overall productivity. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above and you will be on the right track.