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Did you know that the success rate of cold calls is less than 3%? This simply means that if you have list of 1000 names to cold call, you’re essentially looking at getting 30 appointments. When the odds of success are so slim, why not outsource cold calling services and take the help of an expert to get more leads. This way you will essentially free up your resources and give them more time to focus on the perfect close. Along the way you’ll also reap significant benefits on these accounts-

1. Cost

For most businesses maintaining a separate in-house department for cold calling prospects and setting appointments is a costly proposition. Do the math; have a check on the number of hours your calling team is devoting to making sales pitches. Now calculate the number of hours you’re paying them for not being on the call. Also those desk, computer, phone and supplies come with a price tag; not to mention the hit you have to take due to employee turnover. The pipeline flow will be negatively impacted whenever that desk, computer and phone is unoccupied resulting in lost revenue. Add to this the cost of advertising, interviewing and hiring a replacement, along with the cost of training.

2. Accuracy

Offshore cold calling companies will be fully commitment to keep you engaged throughout the campaign. They will open up lines of communication, give access to latest technologies, industry best practices and established processes. Their management team will continually refine and hone their methodologies to present you with a best outcome. All this will ensure that there will be far less error than your in-house staff.

3. Productivity

Outsourced cold calling companies will have associates who will be on the calls for six and half hours a day, doing approximately 15 calls an hour, 100+ a day, 2200+ a month. Can your in-house callers match these standards? Also, by working with a third party service provider your pipeline doesn’t get hit or slow down due to any reasons. This is because these service providers will already have a team of backup sales associates on standby who will assume the role of dedicated sales associates in case of any adverse events or emergencies.

4. Reliability

Outsourced cold calling company’s output speed and quality will not vary with vacations or illnesses. Leveraging their established sales processes they guarantee quality service at all times and ensure that your company is represented in a professional manner.

5. Speed

Proficient cold calling service providers will enable you to set up sales campaign within 5 to 7 working days. They make sure that their sales associates make about 2000+ dials from the first month and effectively pitch target audience across all demographics. Also using industry best practices they access incoming data to proactively modify lead list, polish the script, and identify best ‘fishing holes’.

The Bottom-line

If you thing that outsourcing cold calling services is ideal for your business, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Leveraging a mix of seasoned phone sales veterans and proven techniques, we offer cold calling services that are extremely successful in penetrating screens, getting to the decision maker, and generating leads.

Contact us immediately and outsource your cold calling requirements.