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With the rise in the average incomes of people, most of them spend an extensive amount of money on ordering food from eateries. They prefer ordering it to their location of residence according to their convenience and hence look for call-in delivery services.

The need for a dedicated order taking service provider has become even more relevant in 2020 with the onset of the pandemic and dining services being replaced by phone orders. With third party food ordering services charging a premium, a number of restaurants have started upgrading their in-house delivery services. Order taking services can offer a much needed helping hand to help them expedite their operations.

With the growing number of restaurants and consumers, the competition to provide the best customer food delivery services has drastically increased. Most of the restaurants are now seeking third-party support to help them take orders, deliver customer satisfaction, and enable business growth at lower costs.

The following are the reasons for restaurants choosing to outsource their order taking service needs:

1) No More Juggling Between In-House and Call-In Services

When you employ your in-house staff to cater to dine-in customers as well as the delivery orders, it would be a daunting task for them to succeed in providing optimal customer satisfaction. By outsourcing to a third-party customer servicing company, your staff could focus purely on keeping the dine-in customers happy. The call-in customer orders would be taken care of, to prevent any chances of missing customer orders. Not only will this increase your business revenue, but also would increase its reputation in terms of serving customers.

2) Reducing Order Taking Errors

When the dine-in customers come at peak times, the restaurant could get busy  catering to them. The environment of the dining hall could get buzzing or noisy for your staff to professionally take error-free call-in customer orders. By outsourcing to a third-party order taking service provider, the possibilities of errors can be reduced to nil. There is yet another benefit. It always saves restaurants from issues arising due to attritions thereby delivering consistent customer service. Outsourcing Order taking services also ensures that a dedicated team maintains incoming orders in a CRM tool, manages the entire order taking process in a systematic way, and thus avoids any confusion or delay.

3) Improved Business Revenue

The agents employed in reliable order taking outsourcing companies are highly skilled in communicating with customers. Their polished language proficiency would give an edge to your business since their professionalism would decrease any chances of the customer hanging up on call due to dissatisfied call-in service experience. Additionally, third-party agents can seamlessly employ cross-selling and up-selling methods to help your customers get the best deal. This would, in turn, maximize your business revenue.

4) Reduced Costs of Investments

Investing for in-house agents to provide call-in customer order taking support would be expensive when compared to outsourcing these needs to a third-party service provider. The costs of managing the resources, architecture maintenance, pay-roll, and other benefits would increase costs for your business. The third-party order taking service provider not only provides 24×7 services but could also render multi-lingual order taking support with great efficiency. This would help your business reach a wider customer-base.

5) Taking Customer Feedbacks Sincerely

When a restaurant strives to improve its service levels by taking its customer feedback sincerely, it enhances the service quality and adds to customer satisfaction. Third-party outsourcing companies are proficient in collecting customer feedback and give you the right inputs to improve your services. This would make your business stand apart since shortcomings, as identified by the customers, get plugged quickly.

6) No More Time Wasted on Re-Directing Customer Calls

If your restaurant has multiple branches, the chances of customers contacting the wrong branch are always high. This may become an issue at times. Their call would have to be redirected to the nearest branch of your restaurant. By outsourcing order taking services, you ensure all customer calls are directed to professional agents who would guide customers to place orders in the right place.

Companies can also minimize the waiting time of the customers, which is always a frustrating experience no customer wants to go through. Outsourcing phone order taking services reduces this time by focusing on reducing hold time through implementation of stringent measures and appropriate technology.

7) Cross-Selling and Upselling

As the call center representatives directly communicate with the customers, they can directly boost revenue by cross-selling and upselling. When a customer calls a representative to place an order or to buy a specific product, the call center executive can influence the customer to purchase something of a higher value, a newly launched product or an alternate product of good value. Cross-selling and upselling can increase the revenue by 25-30% which can be easily done by your outsourced partner. 

8) Convert enquiry calls into sales

Restaurants keep updating offers seasonally. Many times, customers call to know more about the product, it’s offer, specification, prices or any type of terms and conditions associated with it. Phone order taking services call center agents with good analytical and convincing skills can convert such inquiry calls into sales. 

9) Cost-effectiveness

Establishing an order taking process in-house is not only troublesome but also has a lot of extra expenditures such as recruiting telecaller experts, training them and buying necessary software and hardware. Businesses can avert such heavy spending by taking support of call centre outsourcing firms like Expert Callers, where we offer order management and other related processes.

Who Should opt for Phone Order Taking Services?

Retail businesses should utilize the order taking call center services to capitalize both on and off-hour sales. It’s quite impossible to manage the dine-in customers as well as answering calls and taking phone orders, especially during the rush internet hours.

Online orders and phone order taking services are not just mere product-driven businesses. They significantly boost business revenue and retail businesses can achieve this by outsourcing their order taking call center services to the right partner. Expert Callers has several years’ expertise in handling eCommerce order taking, retail order taking, and restaurants and cloud kitchens order taking services.

How do Order Taking Call Center Services work?

Expert Callers’ order taking call center services include all the necessary steps involved in the process, right from attending the call, taking the order, and delivering the product and collecting feedback from the customer. Our phone order taking service executives undergo an extremely detailed and customized training regimen to become a representative of your brand and products. The staff are highly trained experts in order processing, order management, and order fulfillment.

Expert Callers‘ call centre executives have expertise in computer skills, analytical skills, communication skills, and customer handling skills. They have the expertise to answer all kinds of customer queries, process the orders, and also collect feedback for business improvement. All these not only make your business more efficient but also leaves you more time to concentrate on production and marketing.

If you find it difficult to trust a third-party vendor to carry out your order taking services, then you are mistaken.  Third-party service providers follow stringent procedures to keep their clients happy. They adapt themselves to your restaurant culture and are accountable by every means. Therefore by outsourcing your phone order taking services you make your service more streamlined and efficient.

How Phone Order Taking Services Improve Customer Service

As a business owner, customer satisfaction is one of your highest priorities. You may have some reservations about trusting a third-party service to treat your customers the way you would treat them. If you have concerns, rest assured that outsourcing your order taking services can improve customer satisfaction in several ways.

Shorter Wait Times

A call centre order taking service offers a team of trained representatives who are dedicated to taking customer orders. When calling in an order, the customer will have the representative’s undivided attention. Your customers will experience shorter hold times and enjoy faster service both on the phone and in the restaurant.

Better Customer Service

When customer service issues do arise, it is important to deal with them right away. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. One dissatisfied customer can make a significant difference to your revenue, especially if you are operating a small business. On the other hand, a positive customer service experience can turn the situation around. The best order taking service can help handle customer complaints so that your customers are satisfied.

Easier Access

Outsourcing your order taking service benefits your customers and your business by making it easier for customers to enjoy your restaurant. Many restaurants use mobile apps to take orders, and while these can be convenient for some customers, they still require in-house staff to monitor incoming orders. Furthermore, many people simply don’t have a mobile phone or aren’t proficient in using apps. A call center service makes it easy for your customers to pick up the phone and place an order.


When a customer has a good experience ordering from a restaurant, that customer is likely to remember that experience in the future. By streamlining your order process with a call center service, you can improve customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, which will help your restaurant business thrive.

Reach out to us to understand how a focussed order taking service outsourcing strategy can help you business take giant strides.