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Tips for Creating Effective IVRs

Interactive Voice Recording System or IVRs has become an integral part of any customer service. It not only allows customers to avail assistance round the clock but also it reduces the workload of call center agents. Yet, just recording an interactive voice clip is not enough. You need to ensure that it guides the caller to the solutions for his queries in the shortest possible time.

To create an effective IVR, companies can follow some simple tips listed below

  • Make a Plan

    Step into the shoes of your customers and make a plan to create an optimized Interactive voice recording system. Assess your plan repeatedly and include choices that are actually required while omitting the unnecessary ones. Give due importance to the voice selection for all your calls. It should be clear and consistent.

  • Get Things Organized

    Always maintain simplicity of the menu by starting with the basic things as the calls get connected. In most of the cases, users look out for some simple information like addresses, website details or contact details. Keep them easily accessible and then provide them options to get further assistance. Also ensure that each and every menu is segregated categorically and are easily navigable. Last but not the least, provide them the option to get connected to an agent at the end of the menu.

  • Maintain a Professional Approach

    Even though an IVR is not a live human, still it is important to maintain a professional tone when interacting with the caller. Know your targeted customers and use the accent they prefer. Also make sure to avoid any pronunciation mistakes in the recording. If your callers are from different geographical regions, you need to have recordings in different accents. To guide them to the desired accent, make them select their country in the beginning of the call. Always hire an experienced professional for creating the IVR, as a poor recording can have adverse effect on your brand.

  • Filter Your Calls

    As reducing the pressure on the call center agents is one of the main purpose of IVR, you need to filter calls before connecting them to the agents. Make an informative IVR so that least number of customers desire to get connected to the agents. Also learn the source of receiving the number to easily figure out the importance of the call for your company. Do not expect 100% success on the first attempt. Observe the calling pattern and improvise your voice recordings for better results.

  • Have a Back up Ready

    Like any other product of technology, IVRs too can face technical glitches at times. You should have an alternate option ready to help your customers during the downtime. Either provide them with some other number for assistance or get them directly connected to agents.

Always remember, your voice recording will directly interact with your clients and a little dissatisfaction can be detrimental for your business. Therefore, if you need professional assistance to help with IVRs, you can get in touch with ExpertCallers. We have years of expertise in providing IVR outsourcing services to global clientele, leveraging which we can help you in receiving maximum client satisfaction in no time.

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