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6 Ways to Make your IVR More Customer-Friendly

It is no secret that customer satisfaction is directly proportionate to revenue of the business. And, it is also a fact that service related expectations of consumers are rising day by day. The only way companies can meet these sky high expectations, is by using an IVR system. But there is a word of caution here. Self-service tools must be implemented with utmost care. This is because even a tiny mistake while designing or implementing this system has the potential to rub the customers in the wrong way and bring your business down.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of tips that will help you design a customer-friendly IVR system

  • Wait- Is a Big No:

    Quick resolution is what customers are looking for when they are using IVR and if your automated system fails to meet this expectation, chances are that the customers will permanently ditch your products or services.

  • Easy with Minimal Efforts:

    This is the world of automation, and people prefer using technologies that require least efforts. In a recent survey, it was revealed that 96% customer loyalty increases with 20% more simpler stuff. Customers love easy things, easy steps, easy technologies and so on. More complex IVR turns them off hence, and if it’s easy it’s more used. Therefore, make sure that your IVR is not complicated with fewer steps and readily understandable.

  • It’s Good to make them Feel Special:

    IVR should be designed in way that gives personalized experience to the caller and make them feel special. You can start by using their name during the automated interaction. This will have psychological impact to them and make they feel valued.

  • Precision is the key:

    Instead of flooding the caller with numerous options, it is always better to be precise and offer useful options. With this regards you’ll have to be prepared to go the extra mile to glean intelligence about the customer’s frequent issues and accordingly customize the IVR options.

  • Right Basics:

    All said and done, you might have incorporated all the other things in your IVR to make it more customer friendly, but if the user calls and he hears that all route are busy, is it not the wastage of all the efforts, time and money of both the customer and the company. So, to avoid such situations company should adopt measures to scale the resources quickly during peak hours. Here, a little technology can be helpful.

Never Stop Testing:

No matter how good your IVR may be, you should test it more often. You can make teams to frequently test the system and adapt measures to improve them efficiently. Proper system should be there to identify the challenges and steps to remove them completely.

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