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5 Big Trends to Supercharge B2B Lead Generation In 2018

Kicking B2B lead generation into gear this year revolves around creating high revenue generating leads and most organizations have already begun the process. As the competition for snagging the best leads commences, it pays to understand how past strategies need to be changed or tweaked in the coming months. To help B2B companies fine tune lead generation, we look at the tips and tricks to adopt, the leading trends of the year and how outsourcing lead generation can be helpful if you want to get an advantage over your competitors.

Personalized Content that Engages and Drives Lead Generation

Often overlooked as a lead generation tool, content is still relevant; importantly, as companies have started to use content to engage and persuade audience. Building trust with customers from the ground up and especially during the lead generation phase ensures that a strong relationship results. So it is imperative that content such as free webinars, blog posts, eBooks and whitepapers be used to educate and help customers make a purchasing decision. Additionally, content needs to be personalized as a majority of them prefer items that address their needs directly.

Make use of Social Media Live Streaming

Engaging with potential customers via a live session provides companies with the ability to address needs in real time. For example during a live webinar session attendees can contact the presenter with questions and get answers immediately instead of having to wait for up to 24 hours for a reply via email. This increase in popularity of live streaming especially using a social media platform and replying to queries immediately, has resulted in B2B marketing campaigns using it demonstrate efficiency of product and services.

Targeted and Personalized Email Campaigns

One benefit of outsourcing lead generation is that personalized email campaigns can be run frequently based on data stemming from prior purchases. With revenue from these highly targeted campaigns set to soar over 15 percent as indicated by Gartner, more companies are on the prowl for a lead generation company to partner with and get the job done.

Spend Time Analyzing Data

While opting to double down on certain lead generation trends this year, companies need to take in to account data that they have collected over the past years. Once the most profitable lead generation efforts have been identified using data they can be made more effective. A lead generation company that has experience handling big data collected from marketing campaigns and inbound call centers provides the most benefits in this situation.

Get Influencers in the Industry Onboard

Creating a working relationship with influencers within your industry and using them as part of a marketing campaign is increasingly popular. Especially on website like LinkedIn these influencers who have expert opinions play a key role in B2B lead generation.

With the trends dominating B2B lead generation in 2018 evolving continuously, companies need to have a tried and tested lead generation company that they can rely on to tweak and ramp up marketing campaigns whenever needed. This is where the ability to outsource lead generation to companies like Expertcallers can make a huge difference. Expertcallers has over 15 years of experience handling a comprehensive line up of lead generation services that are designed to support B2B marketing campaigns.

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