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Increasing the quality of customer service delivered in a contact center is all the more important as losses stemming from unsatisfied customers run up to $62 billion per year. Delivering great customer service however, is much more than just sticking with a tried and tested plan, instead it means taking current trends into account and meeting them on the fly. With this in mind, we discuss some of the trends that are going to influence the contact center customer experience this year and how they can be met.

Increasing Use of Multi and Omni Channel Communication

Providing a stellar customer experience is going to depend more on using multiple channels of communication. When implemented properly customers will be able to try different channels and move from phone, to email and even chat seamlessly to get answers for a particular problem or details about a product. This process of switching between different communication channels is becoming all important as mobile devices are being used to access support, and customers are not just sticking to calling in to a toll free number. Adding to this customers are going to start to demand omni-channel interaction, which will see applications routing customers through various channels and agents while keeping all data safely stored.

Data Integration via Connected Systems

Connecting disparate systems to integrate data and deliver customer support is going to become vital, especially as the contact centers transition to interacting with customers over all channels. Adoption of such integration technology will result in the better access to data as customers call into support numbers, after which seamless linking to a chat process can take place, while specialized software concurrently delivers updates to devices.

Increased Reliance on Contact Center Analytics

Reliance on cutting edge analytics run on data such as call recordings, chats, email messages and more is going to increase. This will result in analytics programs sending dashboards with customer experience and satisfaction levels to agents in real time, allowing them to make changes on the fly instead of waiting for a superior to interact with them physically.

Widening Use of Cloud Communications

Usage of cloud communications to provide options like online chat to customers is going to take off. By adopting cloud communications, live chat can be provided by a team of agents sitting in various remote locations without the contact center having to expand or add infrastructure.

Interactive Social Media Presence

Getting messages to customers via social media sites and accounts is not going to be enough anymore. Instead, customers will want to interact with a live person via Twitter or Facebook and get answers to their questions and problems in a public forum. An interactive social media presence will also result in generating goodwill among customers as they see problems being addressed without any delay.

Tapping into the trends impacting customer experience and ensuring that your contact center can take advantage of them is not a walk in the park, especially if you do not want to customer experience to be impacted negatively. This is where we can give you an edge. Leveraging out 13 years of expertise providing seamless customer support services, while crafting personal and meaningful interactions with customers, we can help you set up a process that meets the latest trends and ensure your customer satisfaction rates improve.