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Top Signs You are Heading for a Customer Service Disaster

We are into a whole new era of customer service. And, in the world where customer is a king, companies which are not focusing on their customer service will have no future. Hence start investing in meeting the ever-changing expectations and avoid certain red-flags that leave customers high and dry.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of tips that will help you design a customer-friendly IVR system

  • Presence on few platforms:

    Every channel is important and organizations can’t consider any things as optional. Hence rather than restricting yourselves to emails, chats or calls, you should be active on new-age communication channels such as social media, online chat and many more.

    If you are taking twitter, Facebook or Pintrest lightly, you are essentially pushing your potential customers to someone who is active on these channels.

  • Canned responses are not always good:

    Imagine, the disappointment of the customer who had spent several minutes to draft an email just to get the issue resolved, when he receives an automated reply. It not only frustrates him but also put the organization on the verge of customer service disaster. Organizations have to understand the fact that customers prefer personalization every time when they reach out to them. Hence, in order to satisfy the customers and retain them, not only at the time of complaints but with every communication, company should make them feel special and important.

  • Customer’s inconsistent experience:

    There should be consistency and uniformity with regards to the quality of customer service, no matter what. If you fail to meet this requirement at any point during the conversation then chances are that your customer will ditch you and opt for your competitor. Hence make sure that your responses are unwavering from start to finish.

  • Improper Training:

    Customer service starts with customer service agents, and their training. So, if a contact center does not provide best of the available training to the agents then it will adversely cost to the company. Hence make sure that you do the needful to transfer the knowledge about current trends in the market, along with the ways to deal with various customers of different mindset, to the agents. After all customers now a days not only care about whether their issues are resolved or not, but also the way in which it was resolved. So, if you want your customer to have a better experience every time, ensure that best training has been given to the agents.

  • Obsolete infrastructure and technology:

    Today, contact centers are flooded with data. And, to get the best out of it, current day techniques and infrastructure is required. Old fashioned servers and routers cause huge headache when it comes to data security, data migration or analysis.

    So, technology and infrastructure should be improved as per the latest trends resulting in contact centers analyzing the data and achieving strategic goals of the organization easily,

    After analyzing the demands of modern customer, it is proved that failure in customer service can put your business at risk. Here, considering an outsourcing partner like ExpertCallers, which assists you in making your contact center intelligent and up-to-the-minute, thereby making it more innovative and customer friendly.

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