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The Top Customer Service Trends in 2018

has to be, as per a report, companies lost 1.6 trillion dollars in US due to poor customer service in 2017. So, to avoid that in 2018 there must be changes in customer service with new trends, new approaches and effective strategies.

Here are the trends which should be followed -

1. Artificial intelligence is the key:

Artificial intelligence is spreading its wings everywhere and customer service is also untouched by it. Companies do not have any choice then to adopt artificial intelligence in customer service. This will reduce the time taken to complete customer service process, cut down cost and empowers companies to understand the customer needs and demands better. And that’s the reason why companies have opted for AI in their day to day customer support system.

2. Automation is in:

Back office work in customer service is tedious and decrease productivity if not done in a right way. If these processes are automated then chances of errors can be reduce to a large extent and you can offer super fast solutions to the customer.

3. Round-the-clock support:

24/7 customer support is not an option any more. The concept of calling in business hour is outdated. Companies no matter what has to offer round-the-clock assistance to the customers. This will develop a confidence in the customer that even the doors of the company are closed but their concern will never get unanswered at any part of the day.

4. Speed up customer response time:

As per a report, 54% of consumers want a real time solution to their problems. In 2018 companies, should make a resolution that they have to speed up their customer response time and answer every query and concern in real time. Whether it’s a complaint, a query or any other customer concern, it should be addressed then and there.

5. Omni channel presence matters more than ever:

In 2018 customers want options in communication channels. So, a company should be active on social media channels, phones, emails and every possible means of communication. That means a consumer can contact you in the medium of his choice.

6. Personalized assistance:

Customers prefer customization and this is the driving force for them to become loyal towards a brand or picking it out of many other choices. In 2018, there are many means by which a customer support of a company can offer customer assistance in a personalized way like routing the calls, offering a personalized service, etc. and customer’s satisfaction level can reach to another level.

7. Advanced data analysis:

Reading and interpreting the data at a advanced level will give a competitive edge to the companies and insights of customer behavior, purchase patters, and success of a particular product and services. So investment in the data analysis can work wonders for the companies as they will handle the customer support in a better way.

8. Investing in customer support representative:

As per a research 71% of companies provide sufficient trainings to their professionals but then also the results are not as expected. Satisfaction levels of customers do not reach to more than 90% after taking to a customer service agent. Therefore, customized trainings should be provided as per the needs of the representatives, and rigorous recruitment process should be done before hiring the agents. This will empower the customer support department as a whole and satisfy the customers.

Now, you have to decide what the status of your customer service support is and what are the trends which you need to tune into. If you need an expert assistance you can outsource customer service to ExpertCallers and we will unfold the strategies which can take your customer support to newer heights with sustainable growth.

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