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Is this the End of the On-Premise Call Center

As per a research, out of 14.5 million call centers across the globe, around 90% are using on premise technologies. But, surprisingly most of them are contemplating a shift to cloud based contact centers to remain competitive in the current market.

In fact as per Magic Quadrant report, cloudification of call centers is such a hot trend that majority of companies from varied sectors are planning a move to cloud as customers gradually use digital channels to contact businesses and to deliver superb customer experience.

However, this transition has been a difficult road for call centers to walk on as compared to transiting to any enterprise software.

Some clear reasons for this are:

  • Lack of adequate bandwidth for voice
  • Bandwidth available is not reliable for voice application
  • Real-time demand of call handling by call centers
  • Critical nature requirements of call centers

Though some existing market giants are showing reluctance, but none of them seems to be barrier now.
Below are some profound benefits of cloud based call center which will rock the market in near future-

They are Quick in Deployment

As no infrastructure is required for the deployment of cloud-based call centers, it is easy to implement it immediately.

More Scalable

Cloud based contact centers allows you to scale up or down as per the unique needs of your business.

Work from anywhere options

Work from anywhere option helps businesses keep a pool of highly qualified agents with better language skills at lower cost.

Enhanced business continuity

One of the biggest benefits of cloud based call centers is that it will be free from hardware failures and down-times like conventional call centers. Personals in a contact center can access the cloud based contact center from anywhere, independent of their location.

Lowest or no system maintenance

With cloud-based contact centers, company can fully focus on the agent rather than system maintenance.

The Final Thought

Businesses of all sizes are adopting cloud-based call center systems and applications. It is being a trend that is picking up momentum, particularly as most of the innovations are suggested by cloud-based vendors. It is no longer a question whether or not a company will be using cloud based call center but discussion point is when it will happen. Also, it is obvious that companies cannot transit in one go to new technology since it involves a new investment.

As for companies that have already made a lot of investment in existing infrastructure, they must find a way to converge existing infrastructure to cloud based call centers and move forward.

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