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4 B2B Lead Generation Tactics That Get the Job Done

Are you looking for B2B lead generation tactics that are head and shoulders above the rest, and are guaranteed to provide the best results to a company? If your answer is an, ‘Yes,’ then you are at the right place. Here we look at how lead generation tactics can be molded to suit the needs of specific companies. Additionally, we also look at how the ability to outsource lead generation services to a company that specializes in it is a big advantage to B2B companies.

Creating Relevant Content Targeted at Potential Customers

Content marketing that ensures the best lead generation often includes long-tail keywords that improve the chances of converting leads into sales. Additionally, when it comes to content-based marketing, blog posts are only the starting point; videos, webinars and slideshows can be used to attract high quality leads, which can be routed to inbound call centers.

Using LinkedIn to Reach Decision Makers

Reaching out to decision makers in companies via LinkedIn is both popular and highly effective. The process involves sending a request to connect and then scheduling a demo for a product or service. While this is a time-consuming process, the initial requests for connections can be handled by a team in a lead generation company and the final demo can be done in-house.

Implementing Account Based Marketing

The benefits of Account Based Marketing (ABM) stems from the fact that these campaigns are created to appeal the decision makers at particular companies. Often created by coordinating the efforts of the sales and marketing teams, ABM is designed to run for longer periods and form the basis of long lasting relationship with customers who are sourced through it.

Ensure your Company Website is Attracting Traffic

Keeping your company website in excellent shape and using it to attract visitors should be a priority. Using an efficient keyword based ad on Google AdWords ensures that customers see your company’s name pop up at important locations. Once the traffic is directed to a website, viewers can be encouraged to download white papers, slideshows and videos after filling in forms with their contact details, and these leads can be handled by the relevant team

Lead generation tactics are continually evolving, and companies must understand that outsourcing lead generation services to a lead generation company that is well versed with handling leads across platforms is the only way forward.

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