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The benefits of the following tools:

tools used by call center service providers

The last decade has witnessed a major shift in the way businesses look at their customers. With competition heating up in virtually every industry, an increasing number of companies are now realizing the importance of following a customer-centric approach to providing their services in order to gain an edge. They have begun outsourcing their call center services to dedicated firms and experts, hiring qualified agents, training them, and continuously providing them with feedback – all with the aim to improve their customer service. That’s because, without these efforts, businesses can soon start losing their revenue to competitors.

Business analysts and surveys have made it evident that customers will promptly stop doing business with a company that offers subpar customer service. That not only affects the brand perception of a business but also has a negative impact on customer retention and the bottom line.

However, offering top-notch customer support doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By investing in the right tools, processes, and team, enterprises can deliver excellent customer-centric support and service. Below mentioned are five best tools that outbound call center service providers use to rapidly improve customer experience.


Launched in 2012, Bitrix24 is an amazing telemarketing and collaboration software that helps teams to focus on their list of tasks-to-do and get the work done on time. It offers a multitude of communication, management and social collaboration tools to help different teams handle tasks and projects, client management, and customer support. Bitrix24 also offers rentable telephone lines, email queues, and live chat features which are all integrated into its task management software and CRM. Its services are available on-cloud and on-premise as well.

Benefits of Bitrix24

  • With access to Bitrix24’s tools and services, offering customer support, e-commerce support, and handling clients and projects becomes a breeze.
  • Outbound call center companies can especially benefit from its features like outbound telephony services, customer support tools for social networks, embeddable live chat for websites, customer helpdesk, and ticket creation through email.
  • Enhanced internal and external communications with features like email, chat, video, user groups, social intranet, calendars, user groups, HR systems, etc.
  • Better management of tasks with printable Gantt charts, visual workload management, customizable Kanban board, automatic time tracking, and full-featured project planning and management.
  • CRM tools for pipeline management, lead generation and capture, sales automation, email marketing, multichannel customer contact center, online payment, etc.
  • Free hosting for websites, visual editor, industry-specific templates, responsiveness, and e-commerce platforms for creating and designing websites.


Bitrix24 offers its started business tool suite free of cost.

Other pricing plans include –

  • Start+: This plan supports two users and is priced at $15.36 per month.
  • CRM+: This plan supports six users and is priced at $44.16 per month
  • Project+: Offered at the same price as CRM+ and supports 24 users
  • Standard: Advanced business tool at $63.36 per month
  • Professional: Unlimited business tool suite at $127.36 per month


Talkdesk’s robust features and solutions are everything a call center could ask for. Its features are designed to help both small and large businesses to manage their workforce and support services while delivering excellent customer experience consistently.

Benefits of Talkdesk

  • It offers a cost-efficient way of delivering outbound calling services with its customizable browser-based call center software.
  • Features like IVR, waiting queues, personalized greetings, skills-based routing, agent and team voicemail, email notifications, etc. come integrated within its browser-based software solution.
  • The entire setup of the software can be done in just within five minutes.
  • Automating tasks can be done in a simple click with integrated business tools like CRM, e-commerce app support, help desk, chat, and more.
  • It has built-in integrations with popularly used business apps like Salesforce, Google Contacts, Nimble, etc.
  • Customizable reports and real-time dashboards make it possible to collect business intelligence, identify inefficiencies, and make data-driven decisions.


There are three pricing options available.

  • Talkdesk’s regular package will cost $29 a month per agent.
  • The Pro package is priced at $49 per month per agent.
  • The Enterprise package is priced at $99 per month and includes all advanced functions like a dedicated account manager and phone support.
  • Free trial and live demo may be provided upon request.


With Five9 , all that a business needs to have for a complete sales contact center and outbound call center services is available in a single platform. The intelligent cloud telemarketing software adapts to unique business requirements and helps agents excel at providing support services to the customers with its enterprise-focused workforce management tools, computer telephony integration, predictive dialing, etc.

Benefits of Five9

  • Integrated CRM, analytics, omnichannel, call routing and open platform APIs in a single call center solution
  • Get a unified view of the customer’s journey across all touchpoints while enabling them to reach the agents through the web, chat, email, phone, apps, or social media.
  • Fast and easy deployment that allows even people with non-technical backgrounds to operate or make changes with little to no training.
  • Other benefits include improved campaign management, lead generation, search functionality, feedback management, drag and drop interface, call scripting, etc.


Pricing for Five9 is based on users, features, and usage. Once you have filled in your details, you can request for their flexible pricing quote. You can always change your plans to the ones that suit you well.


Zendesk is a popular call center solution that is built on one of the most extensive customer service platforms and works well for businesses of every size. With Zendesk’s automatic ticket creation and slick help desk features, outbound call center companies can offer support service to customers across every channel.

Benefits of Zendesk

  • Zendesk’s omnichannel solution allows agents to get in touch with the customers from any channel and resolve their issues.
  • Integrate your existing call center software with Zendesk that’s right for you.
  • It enables agents to handle voice processes in the same workspace as other channels.
  • Zendesk allows unlimited concurrent calls and all the functionalities for outbound calling services like warm transfer, call recording, and control.
  • Voicemail with the option to personalize your greetings according to locations, brands, and departments.
  • Easy management of customer conversations across email, chat, and social messaging.
  • It offers call monitoring and barging, real-time dashboards, advanced analytics, and reporting.
  • Automatic ticket generation from calls or voicemails
  • Seamless personal support


The pricing for Zendesk starts at just $5 per agent. Other pricing plans include $19 per agent per month for the Professional version, $59 per agent per month for the Enterprise version. You can also go for the Partner and Lite editions and request for a quote. Before going for the Professional and Enterprise editions, you can also request for a free trial.


Many small and large enterprises use Avaya to manage their outbound call center operations. Avaya has been a prominent player in the communications industry for years now and many outbound call center companies depend on it to handle their support services. It offers multiple advanced features within its platform which ensures that your omnichannel call center works efficiently and effectively.

Benefits of Avaya

  • It offers automated solutions for both outbound and inbound speech, email, video, and chat applications. It also offers automated scheduling, voice analytics, and interaction recording.
  • AI solutions to improve your decision-making abilities and simplify operations
  • It can help you identify mobile callers and offer them a tailored mobile web experience unique for their device.
  • It offers features for real-time and historical reports as well as for quality management, screen capture, and coaching abilities.
  • Avaya’s solution includes DTMF auto attendant and call recording features for agents.


Avaya contact center is offered at two pricing plans – Basic and Advanced. The Basic plans start at around $109 per user per month, and the Advanced plans start at $129 per user per month.


Great customer experience will always be the key differentiating factor for a brand in the long run. The above-mentioned tools can greatly help with your customer experience management or strategy and ensure that your firm experiences remarkable growth in the coming time.

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