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How would you rate your customer service? Majority of businesses — in fact nearly 80% as per a recent study — believe that they provide high quality customer service. Yet, only 8% of customers reciprocate this feeling. What this shows is that there is a fairly huge disconnect between customers and businesses in the industry, and if not handled correctly this difference can cost very dearly. The following infographic is an example this-

Cost of Poor Customer Service

Don’t know where to start?

Start by understanding what is the true contributor to poor customer service and incorporate features that customers love-

how to provide better customer service

Or you can simply opt to bypass all these troubles by partnering with us.

We are different; here’s why?

1. We chart a course for commitment

We educate all our agents about your business needs and develop a shared vision in terms of quality of customer service.

2. We anticipate your customer needs

We continuously monitor your customer’s preferences and preempt the services they may need.

3. We help you foster new ideas

We train our staff not just to resolve issues but to use interactions to identify product or service level enhancements.

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