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A Statista study found that the use of emails can increase up to 3% each year from 2018 until 2023. Many businesses aren’t taking email support seriously. And that’s a lost opportunity. While phone support and chat support might seem like they are taking away email support’s share, that isn’t simply true because people are still using emails and it is far from dead. Emails are still as relevant as they were before but in a new way. Plus now you have the option of email support outsourcing rather than being stuck with providing in-house email support.

Here’s Why Email Support Deserves Your Attention

Email support is not going anywhere and rather than give it the lowest priority, you should start thinking about it from now. Some reasons why email support is mightier than people assume are below.

Answer in Detail

When a customer sends you a query via email, you have options to ensure you provide a thorough enough answer to ensure customer satisfaction. Emails enable you to add attachments, clearly outline and provide a step-by-step guide, and add links if necessary. This enables you to answer in detail.

Better Response Quality

When you respond via email, the chances of a better response are higher. When you provide phone support, you need to be spontaneous because there is a real-time conversation going on. In email support, you have the time to properly write a response email and thereby connect to your customers. In short, it becomes easier to build lasting relationships.

Overcome Barriers

Whether you are opting for email support outsourcing or have an in-house team, email support enables customers to reach you regardless of where they are located. It makes it more convenient for customers from the other side of the globe to reach out and ask their questions freely. This can help every customer feel valued.

Allows for Improvement

You have a record of conversations and this can help you and your customers in the future to settle any disputes or clear any confusion. As a business, you can track and see whether potential customers converted or not. It is easier to look at the records of the email conversations and then ensure they convey your messaging clearly and make improvements accordingly.

 Allows Customers to Express Clearly

When customers write an email, they are more likely to express themselves clearly. They can even bunch their questions together which can help you understand your customers’ needs properly. In this way, they are at a better place to express what they want to find out about. Similarly, you have the scope to express yourself clearly through email and provide solutions. 

Why Outsource Email Support Services?

Outsourcing can be significantly beneficial to your business for the following reasons.

Timely Response

When you choose email support outsourcing to companies like ExpertCallers, you ensure your customers get a timely response. People are not fans of waiting even if they sent a query. As outsourcing professionals have the skill of working faster, they can reply appropriately and on time.

Only pay for Service

You don’t need to pay for the support agents’ training nor their infrastructure. You simply pay for the service. In some cases, it can be on a project basis while in others it can be on a customer basis. Ultimately, you are paying for results

Skilled Support Agents

You are not required to train anyone and you get skilled and experienced email support agents to work for you. They are more efficient and as they are trained – they can start work as soon as you assign it to them.

 24×7 Coverage

Like the other support channels, it is important your emails are always being answered. 24×7 email response is expected by customers. Opting for email support outsourcing services helps you answer questions through email whenever the customers have them.


If you are a small business or a startup you will grow. It is much easier to scale when you outsource because there are not so many factors to think about. Plus, you can scale up and down according to your requirements such as demand spikes and dips.

Outsourcing Email Support Services In The Age Of Remote Working

Remote working is putting a strain on employees all over the world. And part of the reason is that they suddenly had to work remotely; something that wasn’t anticipated. Rather than give them more work by assigning email support tasks to them in addition to what they are experts at, email support outsourcing is a much more practical and safer option. It ensures employees can continue to get used to working remotely and your business runs well without anyone feeling like they have to do more than what they are paid for. Your employees might already be struggling with balancing home and work, don’t stress them out more by giving them additional work. Outsource instead.

How To Choose The Best Email Support Service?

You want to opt for email customer support service outsourcing but aren’t sure where to start. Here are some factors to consider before you pick one. 

What is their Expertise?

You need to look at how many industries and how many years of experience they have in providing email support. You want to ensure the agents get the right training so they can provide the best email support. 

Where do they Shine?

You must find out their strengths and see if they align with what your business needs. You should find out if they are flexible and can provide instant service in case of peak email support requirements.

What Technology are they using?

You should know the technology and infrastructure so you are sure they can handle your requirements. You want to know how they will track the success of email support and which metrics they will use.

Do they have Testimonials?

If they have testimonials on their page then ensure you read through all of them and confirm they are correct by going to the company that has given the testimonial. This can help ensure the authenticity of the testimonials. 

How Cost-effective are they?

Cost is one of the determining factors because essentially outsourcing can help you save money. You want to pick a provider who provides flexible pricing. You should weigh the pros and cons before finalizing your choice. 

How Email Support Providers Like ExpertCallers Can Help You Create Optimum Customer Satisfaction

When you provide email support through email support outsourcing providers such as ExpertCallers, you can rest assured that your business is in safe hands. At ExpertCallers, we let our work speak for itself. We have made a difference to numerous businesses in a vast number of industries through email support. We have the infrastructure, professional agents, expertise, and flexibility that ensure only top-notch outsource email support is provided to your customers. We take our work seriously and ensure you only excel during this time. Contact our team to get a quote and experience the power of the right email support.