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3 Core Customer Support Needs

Gone are the days, when a company was judged by the services or products that it offered; today an organization’s customer support also matters. Consumers can adjust with the quality of the products sometimes, but they will never ever compromise with the quality of customer support. For them quality customer support is the foremost attribute of a good company and poor customer service will only encourage them to switch to another brand and ditch your product.

In short what customers are looking for is an always ready to support attitude and companies can reach this level if they pay heed to the below mentioned needs

Around the Clock Support

Customer support industry is dominated by “always on” culture of the consumer, wherein customer is active around- the-clock and can demand support at any time. That means companies have to gratify the customers every time they reach out, irrespective of whether its day or night.

Omni-channel Presence

Modern day customer is active on social media platforms for most part of the day. In fact customers also use these platforms to reach out for any support or assistance and can communicate via any of these channels at any point of time. However, different people have different likings and preference of communication by using Facebook, Twitter, etc. And, it’s the companies’ prime responsibility to communicate with them in the manner they want. That’s the reason, why it is essential for the companies to be on the entire available on all social media platform — right from Facebook to Instagram and many more. With this organization, can communicate with the customers on the medium of their preference and satisfy them effectively.

Quick is Out, Quicker is Better

Thanks to digitization, companies and customers are well connected and communication happens around the clock, but it’s all waste if real time solutions are not offered. Every customer expects to get resolution of an issue instantly or maximum within 24 hours. In fact, as per a research, chances of a customer ditching the company increases by 35% if their issues are not solved in the first attempt and they are compelled to reach out to the customer support team for the second time. Hence, companies needs to train and educate their customer service team so that problems can be solved in real time and customer is in happy zone after reaching out to the contact center.

In fact company’s success goes hand in hand with the satisfied customer. So, to amaze present day’s customer, organizations needs to focus on the habits of the consumers followed by the needs to make them think positively about the company. ExpertCallers, which specializes in providing inbound and outbound customer support outsourcing services, can help be of great help with this regard. Leveraging our immense experience in the industry and utilizing latest analytics tools as well as other technologies, we can offer a level of personalization that is unheard of in the industry, and make sure that the customers are satisfied and willing to stick to your brand for a long time.

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