5 Customer Service Practices Your Business Could be Doing Better

5 Customer Service Practices Your Business Could be Doing Better

Doing business in better ways and means, does not require the reinvention of wheel within your contact center. When it comes to customer service this especially rings true, as you can bring about a lot of positive change by tweaking existing practices or just performing them in better ways. Continue reading if you want insight on five contact center customer service practices that are usually ripe for tweaking within a company

Use More Social Media Accounts for Quick Response

Most companies have already caught up with the trend of using social media to address customer grievances before they go viral and bring in bad press. However, effective customer support via social media channels needs to be provided within 30-60 minutes in order for grievances to be addressed adequately and resolved so that they do not fester.

Effectively Distribute calls in Busy Hours

The effective distribution of calls when the volume surges on specific holidays or during shopping festivals surrounding Black Friday is essential for the smooth operating of a contact center. To perform the effective distribution, companies need to plan ahead and hire as well as train temporary staff or outsource customer support to a partner. Also using a contact center that is based in the cloud will help you easily hire more agents in remote locations and distribute calls evenly between them. Using these measures, you can ensure that callers do not jam lines and get frustrated with long wait times.

Ramp Up the Number of Chat Support Agents

Offering chat support on websites as customers come in to purchase products or services allows them to immediately reach out to agents and get their questions answered within seconds. On average, live chat agents can handle customer queries within 50 seconds of the customer entering the queue. This is much faster than waiting in a queue for a customer service agent to answer the phone and results in satisfaction rates climbing along with higher retention.

Add a Human Touch to Social Media

Using social media accounts to address customer grievances is well and good, but ensuring that a human is behind interactions gives them a personal touch. This personal element provided by human operators who respond within minutes to solve problems, allows your company to take control of bad situations, move them offline and keep them from becoming worse.

Outsourcing Customer Service Effectively

To outsource customer service currently means hiring companies that use state of the art software and professionals who have the right training to handle inbound and outbound call center services as well as social media interactions. Therefore, set up an outsourcing policy which can be put into effect immediately and within short notice and identify several partners who can deliver skilled personnel or software needed.

Getting the best customer service in place in a contact center often means changing tools and updating skills of agents, all of which needs to be done on the fly. This constant updating of customer support best practices and judicious use of offshore customer support will give your business the flexibility to keep up with the increasingly complex global marketplace. Contact Expertcallers, as we have over 15 years of experience in delivering world class inbound contact center services on demand. We can also ensure that the customer support delivered via your contact center improves and meets global standards.

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